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Default PMD: The Legend and Adventures of Team Pearl

I decided to write my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanfiction a little differently than others by starting out with a normal day in my character’s life. Well, as normal as life gets for a human destined to turn into a Pokemon anyway. Keep in mind that it has been years since I have written a story, but I role-play a lot, so my writing skills shouldn’t seem too rusty. The story will follow the main plot of the game with my own little twists added. Please review stating what I need to improve on, or if you enjoy my story in any way.

But that’s enough rambling, let’s get on with this story already!

Prolouge: The Beginning

The sleeping girl stirred in her bed, waking up for the 3rd time this night. The dreams just wouldn't stop. For several weeks now, they had been troubling her, waking her up at all hours of the night. She couldn't figure out what they meant or why the kept reoccurring. The girl had trouble remembering exactly what happened in these dreams. The only thing she could remember when she woke up the next morning were someone’s voice and a Pikachu that haunted her dreams. It would call out to her, pleading the teenager to wake up. Which she did, and now the red haired teen lay there, the dream repeating itself in her head. The girl turned over in her soft, comfy bed; pulling the sheets towards her as she tried to make herself comfortable.

"Why can't I sleep...", she thought to herself as her vibrant green eyes stared up at the ceiling of her room while she attempted to doze off again. The red head yawned as her eye lids began to feel heavy, her restlessness fading away as she let her body take over and pushed the thoughts of the dreams into the farthest corners of her mind. Sleep overcame the girl just as quickly as it had left her. Though, before she knew it, the sun had already risen, making it seem as though it had only been minutes ago that she had shut her eyes.

The sun’s warm rays filtered through her bedroom window, shedding light into the once dark room. The rays of light revealed all. The girl’s bedroom looked typical for a female her age. Along the walls, there were 2 dressers, filled with under clothes and socks. Another dresser contained pants and skirts in addition to some hanging up in her closet. Atop the dressers sat several Pokedolls, revealing that the girl was a collector of sorts. The most notable figure was on the larger dresser that contained the girl’s school clothes. It was a medium sized plush of an adorable brown fox with long ears and a bushy cream-tipped tail. It had a soft, fluffy white mane and large friendly eyes. Upon closer inspection, the toy looked old and worn, but well-loved, giving one the impression that it must be the girl’s favorite. On the smaller dresser sat a replica of a pink, pudgy Pokemon with fairy wings and adorable eyes. Next to it sat a slightly smaller plush doll of an azure ball-shaped rodent with a spherical tail almost the same size as it’s body. Finally, on the small table next to the full-size bed, there sat an alarm clock, which was scheduled to go off any second now. However, there was no need for it as the girl’s mother called for her daughter to wake up.

'Rise and shine, Aiseki!' her mother called up to her, causing the young girl to groan.

"Ummmph...", Aiseki moaned as she lazily rolled over to press the off button on the alarm clock, which had just started to ring as her mother yelled.

"What was with that dream last night...", the sleepy teen said to herself as she yawned, stretching her arms as she crawled out of bed lazily. The red haired girl had never had a dream as strange as this. Aiseki tried not to think too much about it, as it was too early in the morning to start pondering such things. Her hand reached out to open up one of the drawers of the large dresser, pulling out a red skirt along with a white shirt and a pair of socks to match. Quickly, she slipped out of her pajamas and switched them with her school uniform. Afterwards, she set her dolls back on her bed before going downstairs to get some breakfast.

"Aiseki! Are you up yet?" The woman from before yelled across the door, opening it slightly to get a peak inside. "You’re going to be late. And breakfast is getting cold, you know." her ever knowing mom replied, before shutting the door and pacing down the hall to check on Aiseki's little sister. After Aiseki put her socks on, she walked down the hallway and down into the living room. The television was turned on, her father sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee in his hand, himself dressed in a business suit. His tired brown eyes were glued to the screen as he listened intently to a female news correspondent give a report on a local Pokemon trainer gang.

"We now take a look into the slums of the city, where gang wars have erupted again, the first in 4 years. From what we could gather from local residents and anonymous gang members, it appears that the leader of the feared ‘Haunter Gang’ had disappeared a few months ago. The leader was apparently the main peace keeper among the other gangs for the past four years by using his sheer terror to keep rival gangs at bay. However, since his disappearance, 'the alliances fell and all went to hell' as one anonymous gang member put it. Crime rates have gone up in the city, in particular various robberies, gang violence and a few cases of rape, in addition to-".

Before the woman could finish, Aiseki’s father had turned the television set off, having already heard enough. The man knew that the Pokemon trainers around here were dangerous, the least he wanted was for them to become even more so. He could sense his daughter’s wanting to say something about this, but he spoke first.

“This is just another good reason why I will not allow you to become a trainer“, the man said gruffly, knowing that his daughter would have said something about the news story anyway.

“But…..Not all trainers are like that. Some are good….And you don’t have to be a trainer to keep Pokemon, some people have them as pets and even friends. But you would never allow me to have one no matter what I say to you, so there’s no point in me even trying to argue about it anymore….”, Aiseki replied sadly as she slipped her shoes on, grabbed her backpack and walked out the door, shutting it behind her forcefully out of aggrivation.

“It’s a wonder that he even allows me to walk to school by myself”, the young girl thought to herself, a little irritated about what her father had said. Her long, silky, fire-red hair bounced with every step she took, her Pokemon decorated backpack bouncing in unison as its shoulder strap rested on her left shoulder. It wasn’t long before she reached her destination. The school was in just a short walking distance of her home. As Aiseki came to the entrance of the high school, she could see kids were scrambling to get to class. The first bell had just rang and the red head picked up the pace to make sure she got to her first period class before she would be counted tardy.

The hours passed by slowly in the school, Aiseki would occasionally daydream and recall the dreams she was having about the Pikachu. "What could these dreams possibly mean...", she wondered as her mind invisioned the small yellow creature she had grown accustomed to seeing every night. Lost in her thoughts, the troubled girl wasn't aware of how quickly her last period class has passed by. It was the sound of her teacher's voice that brought her out of her thoughts.

"I have the results of last Friday's tests. Most of you did exceptionably well, while others...", the older woman looked particularly at Aiseki, who stared back innocently. "-Didn't quite make a passing grade. Meaning that some people need to study." With that last comment, the teacher began passing out the papers, making sure that they were laid face down on the students' desks. Aiseki listened as some of her fellow classmates cheered with the occasional shouting of "Yes!" or "Woohoo!", while others just turned their heads down in shame. Aiseki hesitated to look at the grade on her test when the teacher came around to place it in front of her. Curiousity got the best of her however, causing her to lift the paper up so she could just see the red ink that indicated her score. Her green eyes stared at the numbers while a frown crossed her face.

"A 42? How did I score a 42...I studied the material...", Aiseki pondered, trying to come to a conclusion, but once again her thoughts were interrupted, this time by the final bell. The teenager looked on as her classmates scrambled to get out of the classroom, eager to go home or hang out with friends after school. Sighing, the red head shoved the failed test into her backpack before she walked out of the door to go home, not quite as eager as her peers were.

It didn't take long for Aiseki to arrive back at her house. She was much slower in the morning than she was in the afternoon, mostly because she didn't have much energy from the lack of sleep she was getting. Reaching into a small compartment on her backpack, she pulled out her house key to unlock the door. Her parents were still at work and her little sister was at daycare, so she was all alone right now. Tired from walking nonstop from school to her home, Aiseki just let her backpack lazily fall off her shoulder, hitting the floor with a slight thud. Slowly, the fatigued girl shuffled upstairs to her room, stopping in front of her door. Turning the nob as she yawned, the teenager thought about how pleasant a nap would be. Her longing for a nice, long, comfortable nap was disturbed once she noticed a white and green figure standing beside her bed. The creature was slightly shorter than she was and looked almost human. The Pokemon was staring at the dolls on Aiseki's bed before finally taking notice of the girl. It spoke to her while Aiseki started to back away out of surprise and a little out of fear.

"Oh! Do not be afraid. I am not here to hurt you. I want to talk with you-wait, you are the human named Aiseki, aren't you?" The Gardevoir spoke gently, hoping the fact she was speaking wouldn't spook the girl more than she already was.

"Um...yeah...My name is Aiseki...But, what do you want from me? I'm not allowed to keep Pokemon. It would be better if you just left right now. I'll get in trouble if my parents or anyone else finds you!"Aiseki replied, her tone turning a bit harsh at her last remark. She did not intend to sound rude or mean, but the Gardevoir just giggled at her though.

"I've been waiting for a while to meet you, Aiseki. You are a very special person with a very special task ahead of you..." The humanoid Pokemon spoke softly as she sat down on the teenager's bed. "Also, there is no need to worry. You are the only human who can see me. Now, sit down and let us talk." The Gardevoir motioned for the red head to plop down on the bed beside her. Aiseki hesitated for a moment, then did as the psychic type asked, grabbing her ragged Eevee plush to cuddle with as they talked.

"What exactly are you talking about? Who are you and how do you know me?" Aiseki questioned.

"Oh! How rude of me! I apologize. My name is Arianne and I am the spirit guardian of the Pokemon world. Now, let us get down to business. My world is in danger and you are the human that is destined to save us. Before you go however, I need to ask you some questions to determine-"Arianne explained before she was interrupted by Aiseki.

"What?! Me? Save a world? Destiny? What exactly are you talking about? You must have the wrong person. There's no way I could ever save anything! I'm a total coward, an idiot and I can't do anything right!" The teenager began talking fast due to her nervousness, sounding a bit confused as well. She was beginning to think she may be losing her mind for having a conversation with a Pokemon, not to mention the same Pokemon was telling her that she is destined to save a world.

"Hmm? No, I do not think I have the wrong person...Just let me ask you some question and then we shall see."

"Um...Okay, I guess. Go ahead and ask."

The Gardevoir nodded and began her interrogation. "Have you been having unusual dreams lately?"

"Now that you mention it...Yes, I have. All I remember is a Pikachu and some voice talking to me. I've been having it every night for the past couple of weeks." Aiseki recalled, telling Arianne everything about the dreams. Like how she would wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep because of the dream. The Gardevoir nodded and listened intently to the teen's story. After the red haired girl had finished, the Pokemon began asking really strange questions. Questions about hands coming out of toilets and other odd things.

"Uh...What exactly were those questions for anyway?"Aiseki raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"That was a personality test and according to your are a naive type. This will determine what Pokemon you will turn into once you enter my world."

"But I never even agreed to saving your world...I don't want to turn into a Pokemon either. I sort of like being a human, since I was born this way. Plus, I can't just leave. My parents will worry about me."

"There is nothing to worry about. Once you enter my world, your memories will be temporarily erased as well as those of the people who came in contact with you while you were a human. Once your job is finished, you will return to your life as human with all of your memories intact except for the ones you had gained while you were a Pokemon. I know this sounds like an impossible feat, but you are the only human who can help us and you will not be alone on your journey. I will be there to guide you and you will have friends by your side as well. I am confident that you can accomplish the goal ahead of you." The Gardevoir smiled, completely sincere about what she had said.

"So I won't remember my family while I go to this world of yours...I guess that would helpful. I wouldn't be worrying about them while I'm trying to do my job.."Aiseki frowned, looking down at the stuffed toy in her lap. Arianne, finally taking notice of the Eevee plush, stared at it curiously.

"I thought you said you weren't allowed to have Pokemon", the Gardevoir stated innocently while pointing a green finger at the doll.

"Huh? Oh. I meant real Pokemon. This one is just a doll..."

"It certainly seems well-loved. It sort of fits you too!"Arianne chimed, smiling at both Aiseki and the plush.

"Now then...", stretching out her arms, the Gardevoir rose up from the bed, getting a curious look from the red haired girl.

"We can not just sit around here. We have to get going so you can start your journey. We have already wasted enough time with idle chit-chat" The white Pokemon extended her left hand to Aiseki, waiting for her to take it. The teenager looked very reluctant to take it, however.

"Go on. Take my hand, so I can teleport you to my world. I promise nothing bad will happen. Trust me, Aiseki.", Arianne's violet eyes stared deep into the teenager's emerald orbs, conveying that her words were most sincere. A little reassured now, the red head gingerly took hold of the Pokemon's 3-fingered hand. As soon as she did, her entire body went numb, causing the girl to collapse. Aiseki started to panic as the light in her room dimmed around her. She began to feel dizzy and was just about to ask the psychic type what was going on before she blacked out. That was the last thing she remembered before she finally woke up to the sound of a familiar voice...
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