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Default Re: Bron's Reffing Stats

Dux/Marth vs. Duke/Ace
Alakazam vs. Charmander
GSC rules, no items

Dux challenged Duke to a battle when it was to be a hopeless one for the latter. And it was.

Dux toyed with Duke for the entire battle. He piled up a Substitute on top of a Reflect, and then added a Calm Mind. I think the order is messed up but those moves were used together.

And Duke didn't help his situation by starting with a Scratch instead of a Slash.

When he did use Slash, the Sub took the hit and still had a little HP left.

Dux thought he'd get a OHKO with a Psychic but the little Lizard held on 0.49. He even got to kill the Sub. Then any move was gonna finish him off since Kazam is faster, so we just assumed it to be a win for Dux.

Interesting battle with Dux just leading for the entire thing but it was a nice learning experinece for me because I learned that PAR is 25% and CH on a high CH ratio move is 30%.

Dux wins and gets $1000
Duke loses and gets $500

I reffed.
This was a 1on1 battle, so my pay should be $500. *PAID
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