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Default Re: Graduation

Go easy on me, this is the first thing I've written in a long time. I'd appreciate anyone correcting any typos I may have made, but please do it through PM. Thank you, and enjoy if you can.

Chapter: Aerad1

Aerad, the kid with the short, black hair, dashed through the infinite forest. His dark eyes captured every twig and root extending from the dirt. He leapt and hopped over each of them with the kind of grace a Spinda would have had.

Like all the male trainers, he was in his school uniform; a black jacket with white trim with a black shirt underneath. Black pants finished the outfit. His short, black hair naturally matched the uniform. The only thing that was out of place was the camouflaged backpack and blue Poke'tch.

He finally stopped for a quick rest. He sat down on a large stone, protruding from the ground. While sitting down, he flipped through his watch some more. He strolled across a journal application. He opened it, and his watch expanded to the size of a small note book. On the side, a pen-shaped, plastic stick popped out of a small slot.

"Well, this is interesting."

He doodled on it with the pen. Black pixels dotted the screen as he dragged the pen across. He finished his master piece; a crudely drawn Pokeball.

He closed the application, shrinking the watch back to its original size. He noticed several other applications. A map of the island, a dowsing machine, and an alarm clock were also on the Poke’tch. The last application he found useless. It was a step counter. Aerad was a math metical genius, he didn't need it. He kept count of everything. People went as far to say that he was obsessive compulsive about it.

He agreed, to some extent. He knew that he had run a total of two hundred and thirty-seven steps. He checked the step counter, it was dead on. He closed that application and it set back to its default clock setting, which was in military time.

Aerad stood up. He'd been out on this quest for a total of sixteen minutes and thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven seconds. He set his backpack on the ground and checked his Pokemon in their Pokeballs.

He gazed through the tiny, clear button in the center of his Pokeball. His Pokemon slumbered silently, suspended in time and space. He placed them back on his belt, and dug into his backpack to see what he had.

Food rations, water, rope, Pokeballs, healing items for his Pokemon, and... A knife?!

He was a bit taken back by it at first, but realized it must be for defense against wild Pokemon or something. He wouldn't need it, he had his two prized Pokemon for protection.

He closed it back up, and slung it over his shoulder. He glanced around and saw nothing but endless trees. No Pokemon, no people, just trees.

He began walking, just strolling through the vast forest. He had thirty days to capture four Pokemon, which was plenty of time. He figured that he could explore some first.

The more he walked the more Pokemon he'd see around. Most were common Pokemon, ones that wouldn't get him a wonderful grade. He wanted to go above and beyond.

Pidgey, Oddish, Caterpie, those things were too basic. He already had a Pidgeotto back home, as well as a Butterfree. He was bound to come across something stronger sooner or later.

After one thousand and twenty-three steps, Aerad came to a large waterfall, dripping down to a large lake. The light glimmered off of it, giving it a shining effect. The river feeding the waterfall was part of the volcano, running off massive amounts of water from high altitudes.

Aerad walked up to it, and leaned in, looking at the shallow water to see if there was anything he could see. The wet sand looked soft and dark. He took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his pants, set his backpack on the shore, and stepped in.

The water had quite a cool feeling, which felt nice on his feet. It was hot out, even under the shade of the trees. He dug his toes into the mud, wiggling them so the mud slushed in between his toes.

The water was clear and blue. It smelled clean, and was defiantly clean enough to drink. Not to far from Aerad, there were lily pads floating, some with flowers on top. He admired their beauty for a moment, until one began to move.

Aerad wasn't easily scared, but when a plant started to move like that, it was a safe bet that most people would be slightly frightened. He calmed down almost immediately though, realizing it was only a Pokemon.

He recognized it right away, after it popped its head out of the water. It was a tiny Lotad. They weren't very common; maybe it would get him a good score.

He knew that it wasn't a very strong Pokemon, but in its final stage it was a very defensive Pokemon. It could be used in all sorts of strategies, so it was worth quite a lot. With a grass and water type combination, it had few weaknesses.

He stepped back onto the shore where he left his backpack and lifted a Pokeball from it. He enlarged it in his hand by pushing the button in the middle once, and then pushed it again, tossing the ball into the air.

The red and white ball opened up, releasing a bright, white flash of energy that formed into his Pokemon. It was a large lizard with a flame on its tail. It was a crimson red color with two inch long claws on its huge paws. It stood on two legs and had a small horn jutting from its head. It was Spitfire, his Charmeleon.

It roared in excitement, he knew he was about to have some fun. Aerad lifted his finger and shouted, "Lotad, I'm calling you out!"

The tiny lily pad jumped out of the water. It almost looked like a squished bug with its small, navy blue body, big eyes, big lips, and six legs. It glared at them, ready to fight. It was like a little dog, thinking it was tougher than it really was.

"Spitfire, use slash!"

Spitfire dashed at full speed towards Lotad, who sat there, digging its legs into the ground.

Aerad noticed that when Spitfire was three feet away from Lotad, a large shadow appeared as water splashed everywhere. At two feet, a humongous jet of water shot from that shadow, smashing Spitfire into the ground. Lotad smiled triumphantly.

It obviously was not Lotad who used that attack though. That was obviously a hydro pump from a very powerful Pokemon. He looked over to where it came from.

The shadow turned into a gigantic, red Gyarados, looming over the trainer and his Pokemon. It had golden fins down each section of its back, with a tail fin twice as long as Aerad, at least. It was five times bigger than a normal Gyarados, Aerad estimated. His estimations were usually right.

His mind began to work out the chances of him winning against this massive beast. Spitfire was obviously out cold, if not in a coma. Having only one Pokemon, the odds were not in his favor.

Aerad quickly recalled his fire Pokemon, and reached for his other ball. Before he could even get to his pack, though, the Gyarados lunged at him. Aerad narrowly escaped the jaws of the enormous dragon.

He rolled to escape its gaping jaws, and nabbed his backpack during the roll. It was defiantly too dangerous to stick around, Aerad decided, so he took off. Hopefully, Gyarados wouldn't follow.

Unlike most water Pokemon, Gyarados can travel on land. It slithered, kind of like a snake, and was quite quick in the chase. It had one flaw, though. Being so large and being a water type, it wasn't very nimble.

It didn't follow, though. It, along with Lotad, submerged itself into the lake once more. Aerad watched from a distance, sheltered behind a tree, as the two Pokemon hid beneath the water once more.

He thought up a plan to capture that Lotad while evading the Gyarados. He would need to distract that Gyarados before he could get to Lotad. That would be hard.

He dug through his backpack for some items so he could nurse Spitfire back to health. He reminisced about his past with Spitfire, back when it was a Charmander.

Back in the day, that Charmander was his only Pokemon going into EPTS. At the beginning of their first year, each student was assigned a single Pokemon. Aerad Fler had been given a Charmander. It was smaller than a normal one, but it was still young.

He remembered how Spitfire and he had once escaped onto school grounds during one Halloween night. The campus had been crammed with ghost Pokemon on the prowl. The duo had come across a lone Shuppet, and they managed to wrangle it. It had to be kept a secret for a while, seeing as he was supposed to be in doors that night.

After healing Spitfire with healing items he was given in the backpack, he was ready for his plan. He released both of his Pokemon at the same time. Spitfire emerged, and so did Shocker.

Shocker had a light brown body with a white stomach. It had bright yellow cheeks and pointed, black ears, along with a long black tail that came out to a yellow lightning bolt shape. And finally, on its back were dark brown stripes. This was obviously a Raichu, and a fit one at that.

He quickly briefed them on the plan, making sure that only his two Pokemon could hear. After he finished, they headed back to the lake.

He called out to Lotad once again, and was greeted by the little, squished bug once again. Once again, it looked like a Chihuahua dog acting tough.

Spitfire lunged at it again with one paw extended, ready to strike. Lotad dug its feet in the ground once more. Three feet, once again, the shadow appeared. This time, though, Aerad was ready.

The gigantic Gyarados popped out of the water, roaring with all of its might once again. As it got ready to fire another Hydro Pump at Spitfire, but was interrupted as it was constricted by an electrical force.

Shocker was constricting it with a Thunderwave attack. Gyarados was only caught off guard for a second. It quickly flexed its muscles and broke the bind, and turned its attention to Raichu.

His first plan had failed, but Aerad had prepared for this. He had another plan, just in case.

While Raichu was distracting Gyarados, Spitfire had landed a Slash. Lotad was hit, but not badly. It quickly regained its stance, and released a water gun at Spitfire. It struck, forcing Spitfire to fall backwards.

Spitfire leapt up onto its feet once more, and prepared for another attack.

Raichu was nimbly dodging Gyarados's attacks with ease. Soon, it surprised Gyarados by multiplying. Double Team was confusing Gyarados even more as several mirage copies raced around the beach-terrain.

Aerad put his focus back on Spitfire, seeing as Shocker obviously had Gyarados well distracted.

Lotad was now surrounded by flames from a Fire Spin unleashed by Spitfire. It quickly looked for an escape, but to no avail. The flames closed in on the little lily pad Pokemon.

Just when Aerad thought he'd be ready to capture it, Lotad opened his mouth. It emitted a bright, green light, which shaped into a sphere. He fired it through the fire, briefly opening up an escape.

Lotad leapt through to safety, and fled for the water. Spitfire was more agile, though, quickly cutting off Lotad's path to the lake. Lotad was stunned, it seemed like it was doomed.

"Flamethrower, Spitfire!" Aerad roared.

The lizard's mouth opened wide, unleashing a terrible stream of flames, engulfing the tiny Pokemon. When the fire cleared, Lotad was lying upside down, scorched. The force of the blast had sent it rolling back two feet.

Aerad knew this was the perfect chance, but first he had to check on Shocker.

Just as he looked, the dragon's tail was shining a bright blue color, and sweeping across the sand. All the double teams of Shocker instantly vanished, leaving the real one. The enormous tail smacked Shocker hard, sending it flying into a tree. Shocker was out cold. Gyarados then emerged from the water, slithering onto the land.

Aerad had to make an important decision. His grade or his Pokemon?

Before he could make his choice, a large, muscular Pokemon jumped in the way of Gyarados, grabbing it by its gaping jaws as it charged towards the unconscious rodent Pokemon, forcing them to stay open.

With that second, he recalled Shocker into its Pokeball. Shocker was quickly absorbed in a beam of red light.

The large Pokemon, a Machoke, was accompanied by a smaller, sleeker Pokemon. It was long and slim with cream and chocolate stripes. It was a Furret. It jumped in front of Machoke, and released a ball of black energy.

The ball shot down Gyarados's throat, forcing it to back off, hacking and coughing. A female trainer with long, blond hair that draped down her backside was behind her Pokemon, commanding them with amazing elegance.

He knew she would be fine, and turned his attention towards Lotad once again. It was still lying there, with Spitfire guarding its escape route.

Aerad reached for one of the empty Pokeballs in his backpack. He quickly glanced back at his fellow class mate and at the Gyarados, who was still choking on the Shadow Ball, and finally looked at Lotad.

It seemed so helpless there, scorched and upside down.

He threw the Pokeball. It struck dead on. Lotad was engulfed in a translucent, red light. In no time, it was sucked into the black and blue striped Pokeball. It shook, barely.



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