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Default Graduation

This started out being a URPG capture series, but I didn't like it. I decided to revise it all and turn it into a fan faction. So, here is the revised Prologue. I don't care if you comment here. Chapter one is coming soon, the revised version. Try to enjoy.


Two helicopters soared above the magnificent, sapphire ocean. The large, military sized machines each carried several people on board. Several students of the Elite Pokemon Trainers School were on their way to their final assignment. Their entire student career now stood at the mercy of the elements. Every moment at EPTS prepared the graduating class of twenty for their final exam.

The class ranged from students of all shapes and sizes. They had red hair, black hair, fat, skinny, large, small. They were all the best and the brightest of EPTS. There were ten boys and ten girls, it was an evened out class. EPTS only took ten boys and ten girls each year, though.

Their final project was a camping trip, or so it was perceived to their parents. All twenty trainers of the graduating class needed to survive on their own, on a large, remote, volcanic island for an entire month. The volcano was dormant, of course, but dormant never meant anything, just ask the people who lived near Mount St. Helen’s.

The only other natural threats were the wildlife. Many Pokemon, large and small, timid and aggressive, roamed the island. They called this island home and they despised creatures from the outside. The students were creatures from the outside, which meant the most of the Pokemon would attack the children on sight.

Natural hazards aside, the task was simple enough. The students were allowed to bring two Pokemon for protection. This made the task too easy. To add difficulty to their task, they were required to capture four more Pokemon and add them to their teams. If they failed to capture at least four, they would not graduate. Of course, if they died, they wouldn’t graduate either.

The helicopters finally arrived at the island. They hovered over the vast forests of the island. It seemed to be nearly ten miles across. The students gazed at the volcano that jutted from the jungle terrain, shooting high above the helicopters’ altitude.

The choppers flew in a circle as they readied themselves to land on the one piece of twentieth century equipment on the island. It was a large, landing pad that could fit about three helicopters the size of the ones that carried the students.

They landed, turning the engines off, letting the blades come to a halt. They filed out, along with the principal and the three vice principals. The twenty trainers lined up in a line and faced their superiors.

The principal faced the students, preparing to give them his speech. His bald head shined in the bright sun. He wiggled his gray mustache, opening his mouth. He seemed friendly enough to the untrained eye.

”For some of you, this will be your final journey with this school. Before we leave you to fend for yourselves, we have a few gifts for each of you.”
At that, the vice principals handed each student a medium sized, camouflaged backpack, topped with a sleeping bag. The principal, Professor Lithe began to speak again.

"Inside you'll find many essentials. Rations, water, a spare uniform, and of course, the four Pokeballs you will be using to capture your Pokemon, among other items.”

He cut off as the vice principals again began passing out small, watch-like devices. Each male received a blue one while each female obtained a red.

"You're all also being issued a Poke'tch. It carries several applications." Some students began flipping through it. "A digital clock, a countdown clock, and an e-mailing service which we will use to provide instructions and re-supply reminders to all of you."

One of the students, a seventeen year old with short, black hair, had set his on the countdown clock. There were two countdowns. One was in bigger numbers; it read '360 hours.' The smaller numbers read '720 hours.'

Aerad knew right away what it meant without thinking. The 360 hours was the countdown to the next supply day, fifteen days, while the 720 hours was when they would get to leave, a month.

"The device has other useful things too, but you can explore that on your own time.”

He walked down the line, scrutinizing each and every one of them carefully. He pierced through each of their eyes with his own, gazing at them as if they were the heroes of their time, or dead bodies.

"The last thing I want to say is, there are no rules. Only your morals bind you. Good luck to you all, and hopefully you all come back alive. All of your training will be put to the test here. Go off now!"

He raised his hand into the air. With that signal, every trainer took off running in separate directions. The school authorities accumulated back onto the helicopters, and left the island, leaving their students behind.

All of the trainers dashed to their fates, their destinies, their legacies. These trainers knew the dangers that awaited them. Wild Pokemon, disease, weather, the volcano, and each other...
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