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Default Re: Bronix- The First Encounter

eh, my chapters are going slowly, but next chapter which I just started will have more info (and Pokemon). Chapter 3 is still showing a normal scene in Bronix with a little bit of foreshadowing near the end (well maybe not foreshadowing but you get the idea )

Chapter 3- New Day, strange occurrence

As Andy, Jen and I got into the house, I walked into the living room and turned on the computer. As I waited for it to turn on, Jen walked up to me with her arms crossed.

“Do you think he would be lying?” Jen asked as she sat on a nearby sofa. She had that suspicious look on her face as she looked at the computer that just went to the main screen.

Quickly I double-clicked the AOL sign on the main screen and it came up to the starter screen. Knowing we had dial-up, I turned down to volume so we didn’t have to hear that annoying sound for 5 whole minutes.

“Well, I don’t think he would be lying. Andy mostly aint those types to lie. He’s mostly honest about things.

“How would you know? Does he always try to be that little honest Abe or something?” Jen said with a sneer. “How should I know, remember when we found him? He looked like he seen a ghost or something. He mostly doesn’t do that.” I said while still waiting for the main menu to get on.

Finally after a few seconds of waiting the menu came on with the cheerful voice that appears. “Welcome. You got mail.” I ignored the new mail sign like always and went directly to Andy just came in carrying a cup of lemonade and stood next to me.

“So, are you going to look that thing up?” He asked while taking a sip of his drink.

“Well, if I know what that green monster is called, I would gladly look it up for you, but if you don’t then that would be the end of my curiosity as well as yours.” I said sarcastically. He looked at me and smirked. “Well, lets try Treeko. Remember when I said that it kept on saying Treeko! Every time? Well, maybe we can find it by using that.”

I shrugged and typed in Treeko, what I got was over 2 million articles on all these things that had to do with Treekos. Tree Co., Trinomial Circle overlooking the square root, Trees and the effect of Korperations. (Seriously, why would they spell corporations like that?) After some time, I couldn’t find anything about a green lizard that said Treeko so like always I just turn off the computer with Andy still anxious about what I found. And I would always say I had no luck and soon he would grow out of it.

As the time went by, Jen and I sat on a bench near the local Ice Cream Parlor. The Treeko thing seems to slip from our mind like every other thing that slipped by us before. It got really hot that day and our ice cream was rushing in our hands.

“Ew, my hands are sticky.” Jen said while wiping her hands with her napkin. “Yeah?” I asked while wiping sweat off my face. “Yeah, they are sticky.” She responded giggling abet. “Well,” I said while getting off the bench. “Let us find some shade in the park then.”

We walked off and crossed the street to where the park was. Bronix park is mostly the fun zone for the small town. It was located behind Main Street and was in the middle of everything. They’re where basketball courts, a lake where the kids would swim and Big Barney which was a 180-year-old oak, providing a nice shady area. We walked down the dirt road. It was busy today like on every hot and humid summer day. Kids were swimming in the local lake while parents sat under umbrellas sipping their drinks and talking with the other grown ups.

As we arrived at Big Barney we saw our friends, Trevor and Jacob. Trevor was the skinny kid; he had blond- brownish hair and green eyes. He was wearing a button shirt with grey jeans while wearing a pair of sunglasses which he wears all the time, even at church. Jacob was the fat kid, mostly because he was fat. He had black hair, blue-turquoise eyes, and was wearing a blue shirt. They noticed us and Trevor stood up on the bench and started waving his arms.

“Hey love birds!” He called out. “Get your little Asses over here! We got a whole cooler of Root Beer and Reese’s and I don’t want Jacob eating it all! Jacob went over and punched him in the arm. Jen and I started running but at the same time laughing. As we got up, Jacob gave us two bottles of A&W root beer.

“Sup Harper?” Jacob said while we butted fist. Trevor hugged Jen and then sat back on the bench. “So what’s going on love birds?” Trevor said while biting into a Reese’s. He liked to call us lovebirds every time Jen and I were seen together.

“Hey, did you guys see the meteor last night?” Jen asked. Trevor and Jacob looked at each other and shrugged.

“When was there a meteor?” Jacob asked. “Never did see a meteor. Are you guys serious or what?”

“Yeah, we are. We almost got hit by it.” I said seriously. Trevor suddenly thrust his arms in the air making a long No. “Why!” Trevor said in a despair voice. “Why didn’t it crush you horrible people!”

“You would have liked that wouldn’t you?” I asked. Trevor nodded and gave his innocent little face. “Me? Maybe. Then I could have taken Jen. She would be all mine! Bwa ha ha ha ha!” He then got off the bench and wrapped himself around Jen. Jen made a loud screech while he spun her around almost crashing each other on the tree. Jacob just shook his head. I looked at him and gave him a mad look.

“What? Huh? Are you trying to take my girl too!”? I walked up to him and tried to pull him but. Knowing that he was really heavy, I let go of him, and he plopped back on the bench. “You giggle like Santa Claus.” He looked at me and got up and he started running after me. Like always, when Jacob gets pissed off, he likes to waddle after us yelling as we outrun him.

“You ******* Mormon! I’m gonna kill you!” We ran around the tree about three times when Jacob collapsed next to Jen. I just continued to stand up and lean against the tree.

“It’s so hot today!” Jacob groaned.

“You’re a wuss you Jew.” Trevor said smirking. Jacob just gave him a fist. Jen just rolled her eyes and got up. “You guys stop cut it out.” She said while walking towards me. Trevor got up and gave a huge shrug. “So what? You guys going so soon. Are you going to hit second base tonight?” We just ignored them and both walked away. “Bye goobers!” We both said as we walked off holding hands.

We could hear Trevor yelling at us as we walked out of the park. Pretty soon we couldn’t hear him anymore as we walked on to Main Street. “Want to by more ice cream?” I said suddenly. Jen smiled and nodded. As we got near the ice cream parlor we heard a scream coming from Raccoon Diner. We looked towards the diner as Helda, the manager ran out screaming with a pot in her hand.

Jen and me just stood there for a second but then we started running up. Thinking that there was a robbery, Jen called the Sheriffs station as I ran towards Helga along with several others running to the scene. As I got close to her, she looked at me with a scared look on her face.

“What happened Helga? Is there an emergency!” “Is it a robber?” “Is there a fire?” “Hey are you alright?” As some citizens ran into the diner, Helga was sitting on the corner while taking deep breaths. Helga’s husband ran to her and comforted her. “Sweetie?” He said with a concerned voice. “What happened?”

It was a huge mouse!” Helga said. Some of the people there just groaned and walked off. Some stayed. “A huge mouse? Don’t we have huge mouse’s here?” One guy asked.

“Yes, but it was a different mouse. It didn’t look like an ordinary one though. It was yellow and red cheeks that was sparking, it nearly electrocuted me.” Everyone looked puzzled. They started murmuring to each other. Soon the Sheriff came by. Everyone made room for him as he walked towards Helga.

“Morning Mrs. Baer. I heard you got a rodent problem.” The sheriff said smiling. “Now, why don’t you just relax and tell me what happened.”

After Helga told the Sheriff what happened, everyone looked even more puzzled.
“So you mean?” The Sheriff took off his sunglasses and wiped his forehead, “You mean that it was carrying food from the kitchen, like those rats in them cartoons?”

“I sure am telling the truth Sheriff. That thing was a walking and piling up a can of beans and a sac of potatoes. But let me tell you something, it gave me the most frighten little look on his face, I almost felt sorry for the little fella. But when he had them sparks coming out of its cheeks, I nearly felt like it was gong to kill me so I tried to attack it. So it dropped the food and ran all over the place causing some dishes to fall. After that I ran out.” Helga was calm again and started walking back to the diner. Every started to leave too except the ones that where willing to help out clean up the kitchen.

As I was about to leave, Jen came up to me and told me to help her clean the kitchen. I groaned but she yanked me by the shirt and pulled me inside. It took about two or three hours until the kitchen was clean again. As a token of her appreciation, she gave all who helped a free ticket for a week of food free.

An hour later I went with Jen to her place and we settled down. Since we where both dirty and greasy, Jen’s mom let us use her shower upstairs.

“I think I’ll just give it to Jacob.” I said crumbling the thing in my pocket. “Why, it’s free food.” Jen said washing her hands at the sink. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really a fan of greasy spoon diners. I wasn’t one of those guys to order cheap fatty foods. I always had a strict diet in our family.

“So, what are you going to do for the rest of the day?” Jen said while putting her arm around me and forcing me onto the couch. “I don’t know. It’s 4:12 right now and its hot outside and it is so cool in here. Maybe I should stay here for a while.” We both stared at the blank TV and then at each other. Kissing time! I thought to myself. As both of our lips touched, my phone started ringing. Jen groaned as I took out my cell phone and pressed the green button.

“Hello?” “Kevin, it’s Andy. Mom wants you home. There seems to be a bunch of robberies, mostly at the food mart and the diner, so mom wants you to be home to be on the safe side.”

I groaned as well. “Fine, I’ll be home in a few.” “All right, later.” “Later.” I hung up the phone and got up. “You’re leaving now?” I turned around and put my sunglasses on. “Yeah, something is going on in town so mom wants me to go home.” As I left we both said goodbye and I quickly walked home. I was amused at the sight of what was going on. Everyone was staying in their home, some Sheriff patrol cars where circling around the area and some shops where closing. Looks like one of the biggest crime spree Bronix has ever seen. I hope it had nothing to do with that mouse.

I looked over this for an hour and never seen any mistakes so I guess that is a good sign. Anyways I'll start chapter 4 soon. So have pity on me with comments and stuff like, "What does this have to do with Pokemon?" or "Your chapters are really slow and it sucks ass." or even maybe, "Wow very suspenseful *cough* *cough*."

Yeah you'll get it. Any who comment rate and I don't know, say something random.

Your lord and master,
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