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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review


Anime: Mai Hime
Watched: Ep 18, ongoing fall anime
ESRP rating: Teen (13+)
Genre: Action
This series is another sunrise series and is currently airing in Japan.

So let me get this straight, we have a brunette, a chick with blue hair and this other chick as our main characters? Oh, there's some guy?


Hmmm....I like the overall artistic style of this anime. I don't think there's too much to say other than "it's typical" and it's following the tradition. If it's any consolation, Mai has big breasts while Kuga's got a "supermodel" body. Oh, and Mikoto is still in grade school (GET HER OUT OF YOUR GUTTER!!!!). As for the ladies, there are still plenty of guys around (but I don't remember ANY of their names as I don't tend to remember any names other than the main characters). THERE IS VERY LITTLE SERVICING, AND I LAUGH AT YOU SERIVCE LOVERS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!



HiME. What is it? Mai sees a red star out in the distance. What does it do? How is she transferred to this new school on a scholarship?

So the plot currently is moving into its second phase, with the first phase (I call it the first arc, a clear tribute to Angel Sanctuary) done fairly well. The whole plot involved a company in the first arc, and rapidly changes to something dramatically different in the second arc.

So why the low score? It's mainly due to the fact that really only the end of the first arc when any story was developed. I don't care if it's 15 eps long, I want more than just the last 6 or 7 being heavily story-based. I'm sure you can combine action with that too.



Not bad, but the fact that there are MANY characters that play at least a decent role means the characters are shown rarely and far in between among their appearances (except for Kuga, Mai, and Mikoto). This leaves a general distaste at a lack of development overall, although they did seem to try. I'll check out the manga to see if things are different there.



Prelim: Sure. It's like mecha-ish but not really. It's got flying people and some dog robot thing...and stuff like that. I like how this series isn't just all about fighting.

Now: The lack of mecha threw my original thoughts out the door. The idea of the "child" was pretty cool, so I give it brownie points.



Sure. I'm alright with the series right now. Not much beef with it nor any affinity toward it. But out of all the fall anime so far that I've seen, this is probably one of the best.


40/50 or 8.0

Not that bad of a series, and it's quite popular among the anime watchers. I wouldn't doubt that it would come here some time soon.

- Kenny C., Element of WIND

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