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Originally Posted by Amiyumi19 View Post
This Friday at 4pm. I will hosting a little Tourney for those who want some action.

Each player who signs up will be given a number depending on the time they sign up, these numbers will be put into a raffle you'll be assigned two to a team.

Each team will be given an oposing team, pick who will battle who and if one player on each team loses, the winning players will comence battle and a winner will be chosen there. Sumbit results to me and be honest

the top who has more wins then loses will be selected to battle for the finals.

The prizes will be discussed between me and the winners

Sign ups begin now

post your name and FC on there, Friday at 2pm

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Um...Manaphy and Rayquaza can be obtained legitamatly... Rayquaza through Pal Park, and Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger. But Hell, I don't have either, so why should I complain.


Also BananaX, I don't think it's wise to post your team.