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Default Re: Inuyasha RP

Nah, it's gonna be different. I just can't find any pictures for one cos my computer's so dang slow. ANd as far as the little banner. Same thing for the pics, and one I do find a pic it's all weird and don't even look like tha actual character. But I might be getting some pics soon.

EDIT: There, I have pictures now and everything. My own storyline (I never used your's actually), and everything but a logo (which I might just take that off, but I have that up there to attract people) and my own Kohaku. Every pic of Kohaku was as big as a house and only saw 1 anyway. I'll try to get my own Kohaku, and my own Logo this afternoon even if I have to make em.

And anyways, if I wanted to copy and hope nobody noticed it I would've changed the whole thing around before I posted. There can be one at any forum just it would be weird if I was to make an entire thread just like the other person's at the same forum they were in and started it in.

Some people don't wanna join a forum just for RPing anyways so I figured I'd make one here. If I was actually copying the RP anyways I would have taken his exact post and poster that but I didn't.

And Devil Princess, you can be Kikyo. I'll edit the characters at the top now.

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