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Default Re: ~Pokemyths...~

Poseidon smiled and stood from his seat, slowly approaching Loki.

"Glad to see you've returned. Any word of the others?" Poseidon inquired.

Just as Loki were to answer, Freyja bolted over to the Pokegod of mischief, nearly colliding into him.

"WHERE'S THOR?!?!" she screeched at Loki.

The whole lot let loose a heavy sigh, quite annoyed of Freyja's rantings by now. Before another word could be spoken, Poseidon let out a large gasp and fell to his knees.

"What is amiss, Poseidon?" Isis asked of the Diety of the seas.

"The oceans, they are running out of my control. I can feel them churning in anger! They seem to be lost in insanity beyond even my pow-" he stopped short, a look of horror covering his face. He quickly rose from the ground. "My wife is in danger!" he yelled as he charged out the door, summoning a large Rapidash from a stone pillar, and riding towards the sea.
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