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Default Chapter 7

5 updates in one day,if anyone reads this enjoy and i won't update for 3 more days.Maybe i will update a little more today.Also please post,how am i supposed to know if this story stinks or is good if you don't post?.

Chapter 7:The Dummies guide to payback

"Hello, is this the team diamond's base?" asks a voice.
Gwen, who's always sleeping like a snorlax, doesn't reply.
"HELLO!!" the voice yelled.
"GAH!" Gwen looks left and right, "Who said that?!"
"Oh, sorry. Can't see us. Right..." Dugrtio pops out of the ground.
"AH! Oh, it's just a Dugtrio. Well, what the heck do you want?" gwen asks, still startled.
"We need you to go and rescue our son, diglett. He was taken by Skarmory, a vicious ruffian, he is... Well, time to go! Good-bye!"Dugtrio burrows under, in a hurry.
"Oooh, NO YOU DON'T!!" Gwen yanks Dugtrio back up from his hole, "I am not gonna rescue your son, unless a certain deal meets my certain criteria, ya dig? No pun intended," Gwen said.
"What do ya mean, girl?" Dugtrio asks.
"Well, for starters, you're not leaving me, empty handed, if you catch my drift."
"And I repeat myself, What do ya mean?"
"Well, for starters, I'll need a whip and I want an advance for a guide on "dummies guide to making a pitfall trap," you got me?" gwen demands.
"Fine, just rescue our son and stop holding me up with your stupid vines," Dugtrio said and puts a book in front of Gwen that the title reads "Dummies guide to pitfall trap making." Gwen, satisfied, went outside, made a quick pitfall trap and then checks the mailbox, using vine whip.
“Please let It be here, please..." Gwen pulls a book out of the mailbox, "Thank you!!" Gwen reads the title aloud, "Finally! "Dummies guide to using grass and poison attacks version one!" Gwen said, with pride. Gwen then goes back inside and spends the next couple of hours reading the book, until...
"AAAAAH!!" Looks like Zelda fell for Gwen's trap. Puns are still not intended, "GWEEEEEN!!!"
"Sucker in the trap," said Gwen, who walks out, quite pleased with herself, "Wondering when you show up. Like the pitfall trap I made especially for you? Just a little somehting for my vengence,” Gwen said, smirking widely.
"oh...s***" Zelda's face is now in horror.
"Now, prepared to be Blown away, you sorry excuse for a Pikachu!!"
Gwen aims her seed hole at Zelda and uses Leech seed on Gwen, to start draining her energy, then Solar Beam to really put the hurt on Zelda. Gwen falls out, exhuausted, "Huff, okay...we're even now, Zelda," Gwen huffs.
"YOU BASTARD!!" Zelda starts huffing, probably due to those leech seeds on her sides, "Get me to a hospital... you...idiot..."
"Sign this piece of paper and your off," Gwen hands Zelda a document of some sort that Zelda can't read, due to her fading the black. She manages to scribble down her name and then blackout.
"Wh-where am I? What happened?" Zelda
"Well, you had seeds and were hurt pretty badly. Gwen brought you here, so we healed you,” Chansey number one hundred eleven said. Gwen creeps up in view of Zelda, holding up the piece of paper.
"Hiya, Zelda, remember that piece of paper you signed earlier? Well read it, I am sure you will love what you’re going to do. Or at least I am..." Gwen said with an evil grin, snickering at the last part.
Zelda reads the document that she signed and horror, yet again, struck her dead in the center.
"WHAT?! I have to-"
"Yep," Gwen interrupts Zelda.
"You're kidding me, right?" Zelda had a nervous grin on her face.
"No and here it is! It's the same one I found the other day. Only difference is, I asked Blissey to make a few changed to it. Still, it costed me all my Poke but it well worth it,” Gwen said, smirking evilly.
Gwen show’s Zelda an even girlier and more princess like than the one gwen is wearing. You could've sworn Zelda screamed, for the first time in this story.
"It's either that or this," Gwen said, holding up a dress that the Fairytopia series of movie’s and dolls Barbie wears.
Did Zelda scream again? Most likely.
"Either the princess one or the Fairytopia one. Your choice."
"Let me think. How about neither?" Zelda protests even more.
Both it is, then! You start wearing this dress in the afternoon and the Barbie one in the morning," another look of horror hits Zelda square in the face.
"I didn't say that!!" zelda
"You should really read the contract. It says that if you choose to wear niether, you will have to wear both of them. One at noon and the other in the afternoon. So, I suppose that you'd like to choose, before I change my mind..." Gwen threatens.
"Okay! Okay! I'll choose!" Zelda sighs,"I'll take that princess dress," Zelda said, then puts on the pink dress, after getting healed, "so, how long, exactly, do I have to wear this thing?"
"Same as me, three weeks."
Zelda thought she couldn't take this. In rage, she then goes to another room and starts shouting nonsense words, in frustration and anger. Zelda then comes back, with a smirk on her face, and her part of the legal document Gwen signed earlier, "NOW, it's your turn. Hope you didn't forget that you were suppose to we-"
"I remembered! Look! I'm wearing two earings, all four of my bracelets, and I have two bows on each side of my seed thing, for cryin' out loud!"
Gwen had a point and Zelda was, yet again, in shock, just now noticing, "I didn't notice!" Zelda said, astonished.
"Well get up, we have a mission to do. We have to rescue a diglett, who's being held hostage by Mr. Steel bird Skarmory on Mt. Steel," Gwen explained.
Really? About time! Okay, let's go!" Zelda said, excited to finally be going on a mission.

Some time later...

Zelda, Mike and Gwen are now at Mt. Steel.
"Welp! Here we are! Mt. Steel!" said Gwen, ready to take on what's ahead.
"So, Diglett's on the top floor right?" asks Zelda.
"That's right!" Dugtrio pops up in front of them, "He's on the 9th floor! Okay, g'bye!" back down under he goes.
There's a brief moment of silence.
"Well..." Zelda mutters.

Ten minutes later...

"Well, here it is the staircase that leads up to skarmory." Gwnen says
"Hey, wanna make things a bit more interesting" Zelda suggests
"How can we do that?" Gwen asks
"Who ever beats skarmory first, gets to torture the other person in any form she wants" Zelda announces
"Why would I accept that if you’re torture me almost everyday with me not having lost a bet?" Gwen retaliates
"Accept the bet and I will give you 100 poke" Zelda offers with a but Gwen is already leaving when she hears zelda
"Did anyone say poke?" Gwen says rushing to Zelda
"Yep,1000 poke all you're just accept the bet" Zelda tells Gwen and then showing the poke to Gwen’s face
"Okay, just give me the poke" Gwen responds
"Okay, now let the best Pokemon beat the feathers of Skarmory" Zelda announces, but Gwen already left to the 9 floor.

Gwen and Zelda reach floor 9 and once there Skarmory starts to talk, but Gwen ignores all that skarmory is saying and replaces with bla bla bla

"bla bla bla ta pa blew" Skarmory says
"Oh shut up, just let me beat you already" Gwen asks
"Never" Skarmory responds and prepares to attack Gwen

Several minutes later…

Gwen is upside down looks like someone beat her up 10 times worse than Zelda did

"HELP!!!" Gwen yells as she lies in the ground severely beaten
"My turn, prepare to get roosted you over grown metallic chicken "Zelda mocks
"Bring it on rat meat, BRING IT" Skarmory mocks

10 seconds later...

Skarmory is on the floor beaten so bad his mom would not recognize him even if Skarmory had plastic surgery

"I win the bet Gwen" Zelda smirked

Gwen has fainted

"Gwen?" Zelda asked

still no Response from Gwen who is in the floor

”Hello did you forget about me" Digglet yells
"yes" Zelda responds

Digglet gets a huge anime sweat in the back
"Well am can you please RESCUE ME!!!" Digglets yells at Zelda
"Well let me see how do I rescue that groundhog thing? Maybe I can use the chicken as a bridge or use it wings to fly" Zelda thinks

Zelda approaches Digglet but sees that there is a deep trench between them

"Sorry, I cant get a cross, maybe after im back from my cruise in the sea I can come rescue you" Zelda tells Digglet
"Maybe we can help Bzzz" Magnemite 1 said coming to Zelda location along with another Magnemite
"Oh brother. you had to come did you not, well there goes my cruise plans. Well I still win no matter what happens" Zelda thinks

The two Magnemite go rescue digglet, Gwen is still fainted

"thank you" Digglet complemented the Magnemite
"Bzz Bzz thank you, but really we just Bzz Bzz returned a favor so give the reward to Gwen and Zelda Bzzz" Magnemite 1 responded
"Thank you magnemites for helping us" Zelda told the Magnemites

Magnemite #1 and 2,digglet, Zelda and Gwen return to team diamond's base. but Gwen is still unconscious and just then Dugtrio popped up from the ground

“Thank you for saving our son. Here is you’re reward" Dugtrio said and giving Zelda the reward

Dugtrio give Zelda 500poke and a whip

"what's the whip for?" Zelda asked
"Gwen wanted it" Dugtrio answered
"Okay now I got to go take gGwen to the hospital. and after all I won the bet so torture for Gwen here I come" Zelda smirked

Zelda drags Gwen's body to the hospital going through the path with rocks and cactuses and then reached the hospital

"Gwen is pretty badly hurt, so I suggest you leave her here, so she can recover. as for us we will do all we can to heal her" Chansey #1111 told Zelda
"How did you know I was going to ask you to heal Gwen?" Zelda asked
"we read the chapter" Chansey #1112 answered
"O_O Okay I am leaving and give this message to Gwen when she wakes up." Zelda asked
"sure what is the message" Chansey #1113 accepted
"You lost the bet and I am not going to give you the poke" zZelda says with a smirk and leaves the hospital
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