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Default Chapter 6

Okay i guess you people must be tired of so many chapters?,well that is if you even mind reading it.Well i am not done,i want to write new chapters.But to do that i need to post the ones i have.On a side note:Gwens key can't break Gwen's curse to break it Gwen needs Maxs and Gwens key.

Chapter:6 The Pathway of the future is revealed

Gwen waked up, yet again, to another morning. She goes to check the mailbox where she finds 3 mysterious letters.
"This is odd," Gwen said. She opens one of the letters and reads it.

To change the future, as you see it, say the word "Chaoquezin" and you will be transported there.
P.S.: You and Zelda can go to the future as much as you want. :)

"Really?" Gwen said, "Chaoquezin!"
For a few seconds, nothing happens, "What?! This stupid letter does-" Gwen couldn't finish her sentence before she was transported to the future, " That, there, was awkward. Where the hell am I, anyway?" Gwen takes only but a few steps until a princess appears, approaching Gwen. "Hello, Gwen. And to answer your question, you're in the future," She said.
Gwen was confused, "How do you know my name?"
"Isn’t it obvious? I am you."

Gwen sheepishly laughs and then faints. The Princess takes Gwen to the hospital.

Gwen was still in a daze when she got to the hospital, "…ah, what happened?" Gwen said, groggily.
"She is awake. Good. Someone give me the anti-faint necklace, quick!" the princess said. She puts an anti-faint necklace on Gwen.
Gwen, who’s still groggy from fainting, gets up, "Again, I ask, where am I and who are you?"
"You’re in the hospital, now, in the future, and I am you," the princess explains.
Gwen looks at the princes, as if she was crazy "How, in the name of crack, can you be me, when I was born a guy?!"
"A male?" the princess said, in shock.
"Yes I am male, well I was till the narrator made me a girl, anyways," Gwen looks back at the princess, "So elaborate, you."
"Hmm... you mean that... well, I'm afraid have bad news for you, then,"
"Bad news? Don't tell me I'll end up being pregnant one day!"
"No, it's not that bad. You’re stuck like a girl forever, but the good thing, at least, is that you can't die by age or being sick... are you okay?" the princess asks this, since Gwen has this beyond shocked look on her face.
Gwen eventually stops yelling, an hour later.
"Calm down! It's not all that bad, once you get used to it," the princess said.
"I can't believe it! All my past endeavors to prevent that... failed! I'm stuck as a f***in' girl forever!! I'm going to need a ton of therapy to get over this!!" Gwen was now in tears.
The princess pats Gwen on the back, "There, there. Hey, maybe this will cheer you up," the princess gives Gwen a Nintendo Wii
"A WII!! O...M...G! Thank you, me!! I'd kiss you but then, I'd probably need therapy after that, too."
"I knew that would cheer you up" the princess smiles.
"So, I've been meaning to ask you, where's Zelda and Mike?"
"They are in our rescue team base. Do you want to see them?"
"Take me to them."
"Of course."

The Princess takes Gwen to Team Diamond's base

"Here we are."
"Holy s***! What happened to my house?! It looks waaaaaaaaaaay cooler than before!!" Gwen was in amazement.
"Long story. Let's just say we made renovations..." said a voice, coming out of the base.
"I would recognize that voice anywhere," said the princess.

A Raichu comes out of the Team Diamond's base.

"Hello Gwen. What? There are two of you now?" said the Raichu.
"Oh hello Zelda. No, this is just me from the past."
"Oh. Can't believe I didn't recognize you."
"Where's Mike?"
"What?! THAT's ZELDA?!" Gwen said.
"What? You didn't recognize me?" Gwen nods "Well, I evolved from a Pikachu a couple of years back, after finding a Thunderstone."
"Ah that's awesome. Well, it's nice to see you’re okay," Gwen grins.
"Hey, Mike, come on out!" shouts Zelda.

An Empoleon comes out of Team Diamond's base now.

"Here's Mike," said Zelda.
Gwen was in utter astonishment, "What happened to him?!"
"He fully evolved, a while back."
"Hello, Gwen. Long time, no see," said Mike.
"Ditto. So, I suppose we still run a rescue team and are first class, right?" Gwen asks.
"You quit a couple of years back," said Zelda.
"What?! Why?!"
"I don’t know. Ask yourself"
Gwen turns to the princess, "Why did I quit the team?"
"It’s a pokčmon rescue team and I am a human. I can transform into almost any pokčmon but still I have a lot of things to do. There's a lot to do. I just so happen to be free on Sundays," the princess explains.
"Thanks for the info."

Gwen and Zelda leave the rescue team and go on a walk"

"So, what happened to the narrator? He's no-""
"He's dead."
"I had to kill him. If you want, I can take you to his grave so you can spit on it."
"How did I kill him?"
"I planted a leech seed in his throat, it sprouted and constricted his neck and he eventually choked to death."
"Oow... Don't you think that is a bit extreme?"
"Not really. He had it coming to him, eventually."
"So true...especially since he broke my Wii in chapter 2."
"Well, after I got Gwen’s key, He had, somehow, gotten enough power and tried to take over both the human and pokčmon worlds. It was either kill him or the world would be taken over by him. I had no choice."
"So, exactly why did he try to take over the worlds, again?"
"He got angry that I got the pieces to Gwen’s key so he tried to do what he did, but I killed him. End of story."
"Speaking of Gwen's key, where is it?"
The princess summons Gwen's key. It has the look and shape of a keyblade but it has a small icon of a Bulbasaur, with the word, in bold, "Gwen" printed on it.
"Sweet! Can't wait to build it! Now, I have one more question."
"Then ask."
"How do I return to the present? If the first word sent me to the future, how do I get back?"
"Just read another letter from the three you got and say the magic word from it. That should take you back."

Gwen opens another letter and starts to read

You saw the future and know what must be done, say the word "rayquinaki." to return to the present.
Use both of the words as much as you wish.

"If you ever see a pokčmon, gardevoir, know this: I am her," said the princess.
"I'll see you again, if I ever feel like it," Gwen take a deep breathe, "Rayquinaki!"
And, with the power of that word, Gwen is transported to the present. Once she returns, she notices Zelda, approaching the mailbox.
"Hello, again, Gwen," said the present Zelda.
"Hello, Zelda. Man, I've had the craziest day today!" said Gwen.
""Had?" It's only noon. How could you have "had" the craziest day?"
"I went to the future. Don't believe me? Say this word, right here, to go to the future and that word to return to the present," Gwen points to the words that causes time travel.
"Oh really? This better not be a joke... Chaoquazin," and before Zelda notices, she's transported to the future.

The rest of the day...

After a while, Zelda returns to the present.
"Believe me yet?"
"Yes. Wow, I can't believe how strong I've gotten..." Zelda said, still in awe about her future.
"Yeah, well, let's call it a day. You've been out long enough."
"Yeah, sure. See you tomorrow, Gwen."
"See you."

This chapter explains about Gwens future,but it only says what Gwen needs to know for the moment.
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