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Default Chapter 5.

I wrote this story,but it was edited by Arctic_Master from Pokemoncrater,so this day we are best friends.Well this is my favorite chapter,basically i wrote this chapter but he Arctic-fied it.Well this a very funny chapter and with any luck will get the PAS of my tail.
People Against Swearing
Chapter 5:The worst day of Gwen's life

Gwen is snoozing' like a baby when Zelda comes in the house and yells, through a megaphone, startling Gwen crapless.
"WAKE UP, YOU CONSTIPATED BUTT-MONKEY!!" Zelda yells through the megaphone, which is right besides Gwen’s ear.
"AHHHHHH!!! FOR GOD"S SAKE, ZELDA!!! WHAT GIVES?! IT'S 5 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!" Gwen furiously yelled back.
"Cause today, I'm making your life a living hell," Zelda said with a broad smirk on her face, which evolves into an evil laugh.
"Oh God..." Gwen said, eyes affixed with horror.
"Here's your list of what I want you to do, and you are to complete them without question during doing them. And, to break out more pain, you have to carry me, doing all of this," Zelda gives Gwen a long list of things she wants Gwen to do.
Of all the crappy things that stoned narrator made me do before, I wonder how badly he's getting Zelda to punish me with this long list of...O...M...G... Gwen thought, "You want me to-" Gwen said but was interrupted by Zelda, who has a smile that could creep out the devil.
"Yes..." Zelda has something behind her back.
You are so going to burn... Gwen thought.

Some time later...
Gwen, whom's now in a ballerina's tutu, shoes and microphone, stands ridiculously in an opening, while Zelda is holding up a camera, chuckling out of her skin.
"I'm soooooo going to get you for this, you f***in' bastard..." Gwen whispers.
"I heard that lackey. Now, dance and sing karaoke!" Zelda said.
For the next 2 hours, Gwen is forced to sing Karaoke and dance, at the same time, while Zelda records all of this. Gwen's going to need some serious therapy after all of this is done.
"Okay, that's it! Now, I'm going to take this dress and I'm going to throw it in my fireplace and burn the cr-" Gwen was, once again, interrupted.
"Wait a second. You can do whatever you want with the dress but today, you're wearing' three sets of clothes under this outfit I'm going to give you," Zelda pulls out a horse suit.
"WHAT! Okay, I've had enough of this s***! First, you make me sing karaoke and dance around like a Ballerina on crack and now you want me to wear a horse suit, probably to have my back saddled up again and so you c-"
"Yep! You guessed it! Saddle you up and then ride you around. But this time, we're going in a race. We're competing against three Ponyta and if you lose, you're my lackie for another day. Sounds fair enough?"
This was way too much for Gwen to handle so...she fainted.
"Now's not the time to mope, lackey! Get up now or you're my slave forever," Zelda said.
Gwen wakes up in a heartbeat, "YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE!!" Gwen jumps into the Horse suit, after putting on three more sets of clothes, and throws the saddle around her back.

After a while...

Gwen blacks out, after a while. When she wakes up...
"Uugh...what happened?" Gwen asks.
"You were giving me a massage, then you suddenly blacked out," Zelda responded,
"what time is it and what why the crap am I wearing this Maid get up? What the c*** just happened?" Gwen asks.
"Let me break it down to you. You were just fine a second ago. Let me see...You won the race against those ponyta, you wore every single dumb, girly and funny dress I had for you and then you were giving me a massage. I had someone video tape it all and it should be done by tomorrow. And, to make things more painful, I'm showing it to everyone in town, when it's finished," Zelda answered.
It took a while for this news to sink into Gwen's head, "Wait, it the afternoon already? All right! I'm not going to be your lackey anymore in just a couple of hours! Mmm...Still too bad I have to wear that stupid pink dress," Gwen grumbles.
"You really forgot everything, didn't you? Well, you begged me to do a few changes to your dress and you signed this to seal the deal, but to make this less painful for you, I better tell you this, one piece at a time. First, here's your dress, like you asked it to look like," Zelda said, holding out a more girlish, or princess-like to be exact, dress.
"Wait a minute WAIT A DARN MINUTE!! What the f*** happened to the pink dress I had to wear?! It's waaaaaaay girlier than before!!" Gwen cries.
"Look, you asked me to change your pink dress so it looked girlier than before, so I couldn't help but not comply with your only, non-aggressive request, could I?"
Zelda asks, "And here's the contract you signed, endorsing the action," Zelda holds out a contract, which has Gwen's signature on it.
"What's this?! I don't remember signing any contract! Neither reading one, for that matter! Gimme that!" Gwen takes the piece of paper, reading the text quickly, to herself, "WHAT?!?! I HAVE TO WEAR THAT DAMNED DRESS FOR ANOTHER TWO WEEKS?!"
"You didn't read all of it, apparently. It also says you have to start behaving like what you are for one week. Which is, a girl. You also have to wear all of this girly stuff or at least ten other items, which I have in my suitcase, here," Zelda opens the suitcase, revealing even more girly stuff, which is makeup, lipstick, the works. Any shopaholic feminine products, such as these, would probably go nuts for, "And, one more thing, for every bad word you say, you have to wear another item and wear it for five more days."
Zelda gives Gwen the suitcase. Gwen's in utter shock. She calmly walks behind Zelda’s house and shouts all kinds of bad things, that aren’t curse words, but nonsense words that you usually hear when someone's really frustrated and mad. When she was done, she comes back outside, ready for her punishment.
"When does this thing start?"
"Tomorrow, the day you're done being my lackey. Now, go home and get some rest. You'll need it in order to keep your sanity."
"Wow, that was about the nicest thing you've done to me, so far today!" Gwen was surprised.
"But before you go, you have to beat me,"
"Oh sh- I mean, well, let's have at it"

Several seconds later...

Gwen's ass was pretty much kicked and served back to her. She got beaten to the curb, and still is receiving a merciless whopping "AHH!! HELP!! ZELDA! YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!" Zelda picks up Gwen's immobile body and was about to throw her at her door but...
"Stop this at once!" said a voice. Gardevoir appears from the sky, "I am Gardevoir, the last remaining guardian spirit of Gwen's Key and I sent a message to Gwen, but it was never opened."
"Hey! I was getting' around to it! I would've opened it tomorrow, so Zelda, here, doesn't open it herself or tear it up!" Gwen said, still in a panic, since she's being held by a Pikachu, about to be thrown at her own door.
"So, I decided to come here in person and give you the message and tell you a story," Gardevoir sets the sky in a cosmic power, that seems to shift as Gardevoir tells the story.
"Can you please tell her to put me down, first?" Gwen asks. She's ignored.
"Long ago, there was said to be a key with the power to eliminate any curse and grant it's owner the power to go to the world of man and the world of pokèmon at will. But the ancient ones broke the key in 20 pieces, fearing that if a pokèmon, with a heart full of pure evil, got it and would be able to enter the world of man and take control of it. But, there is a legend, that a guy, who was turned into a female Bulbasaur, would gather the pieces of the key and make a new world. A world where pokèmon and humans would live in peace, bring down all of his foes and have his vengeance. But the ancient ones wished to have the key hidden forever so they called it "Gwen's Key" and hid its pieces all around the world, to be guarded by Legendary Pokèmon," Gardevoir explained.
"So, you're that voice in my strange dream?" Gwen asks.
"And what happened to me today, did you cause it or was it the narrator's fault?"
"That was not my doing and probably of the narrator's. Now, Gwen, open my letter and guard that piece of Gwen's Key with your life and it will do the same for you,"
"GREAT! Now, if you'd be so kind, as to tell Zelda to not body slam me against the face of my door, I'd be very grateful, if you do!" Gwen said, panicking.
"You're such a crybaby..." Zelda said, putting Gwen down, sparing her the pain.
"Well, Gwen, Zelda, I must leave, but hear this, Gwen, you mustn't fail. You're future and the future of the Pokèmon and Humans are in your hands now," Gardevoir said, patting Gwen on her shoulder, "And Zelda, take this orb," Zelda is given an orb, "It might come in handy. Farewell, you brave souls!" Gardevoir teleports.
"Okay, Gwen yo-" Zelda just got a glimpse of Gwen hightailing her way inside her house. You can hear boards being hammered on, so that's official that Zelda's not wanted in there. Zelda just has an anime sweat droplet on her head and walks home, with Mike on her side.
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