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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

My mistake and i will update my story for all the time i didn't
Chapter 3: The girl curse and the Ray of hope

Gwen and her housemates rise to the morning sun, all groggy and "hang over ish." After having called the cleanup Muk, they still speak groggily, as Muk cleans up.
"Uuugh... Zelda, remind me never to drink one hundred milkshakes at one time ever again... I want a limit of 50 milkshakes per day or less..." Gwen groaned.
"Okay but only if you do the same," Zelda's stomach churns, "I really hate diarea..." Zelda responds.
After all the renovations were done, it's time for the bill!
"It's going to cost you 300 Poke for the cleaning of the house. Mainly, for the crap and other bodily waste that you left around this dump," Muk says.
"We don’t have 300 poke!!" Gwen and Zelda say in unison.
"In fact, we're quite broke," Gwen, added.
"Then we'll simply keep the house till you pay up," Muk says, picking up Gwen and Zelda and throwing them out of the house.
"Ow! Next time, I'll call a cheaper cleaning company!" Zelda shouts, then groans.
"Let's just do a rescue mission, pay muk and kick his stupid...err. Mucky butt out," Gwen said, checking the mailbox. Checking the mailbox, Gwen finds a newspaper, three fan letters, a marriage proposal, a rescue mission and five letters from the narrator. "Okay, so let's categorize what we got here," Gwen holds up the newspaper, "toilet paper," Gwen holds up the fan letters, "three fan letters," Gwen holds up the marriage proposal, "a letter from a guy that wants to marry me," Gwen holds up the rescue request, "a rescue mission," Gwen holds up the letters from the narrator,” and five letters from my tormentor," Gwen suddenly is shocked, "Zelda, can you give me 10 minutes to go read, insult and respond to these letters?"
"Sure, just give me the fan letters," Zelda responds, taking the letters, gladly.
Gwen gets a couple of papers, sits down on the grass and starts to read the letters.
Marriage Proposal

Dear Bulbasaur.
I am in love with you. Truly, I am. I love you from the bottom of my heart... *scribble of them together* Will you marry me? Please?


P.S. I admire you so...


Dear Heracross,

NO! Never! Go F*** your own kind. I hate bug types and here's a little info for you, I got chased by a Heracross Stampede 2 days ago. Don't even get me started...

Gwen, the Bulbasaur

P.S. Burn in hell, you M***** F***in' Heracross...



1. Hello, Max.

It's me, the narrator. Just wanted to let you know that I have some good news.

2.Remember that I feed your Wii to a Giratine? Well even thought I feed him the scrapes of you’re Nintendo wii... *Ran out of room*

3. You may still be able to get it back.

4. You just have to beat me. And, yes, I am 10 times tougher than ganondorf in the... *Whoops! Ran out of room again! *

5. Legend of Zelda, twilight princess. Well, I got to go remodel your room. I'm going to make it look like a heaven for girls. I'll paint it pink with Bulbasaurs on it and, most of all, girly dolls! And the, I'll take a picture of the room and put it on my space. HaHa! Ah, I'm so enjoying you’re pain.

-The Narrator

Gwen’s response letter to the narrator

1) You b****!! Why are you doing this to me?! And why my space?!

2) First, you make me go on a quest I don’t want to go on,

3) Then, you make me a female bulbasaur, hire Zelda to break my leg, destroy my Nintendo Wii and I'm pretty sure you put something in those milkshakes to give me a bad case of diarea, you bastard.

4) That's why, in the end, I'm going to make you pay.

5) I'm going to make you pay for this, you pig ****er! I'll get you for this! Mark my words!!

Gwen finishes writing the letters and puts them in the mailbox for the delivery Pelipper to pick up.
"Finished! Let's read this rescue mission now," Gwen tells Zelda, whom also finished reading the fan mail.

One boring, explanatory mission minute later...

"Okay, we go to Thunder wave cave, get to level 6 to rescue some Magnemites stuck together and we're done, right?" Gwen asks.
"Yep, that's the mission, alright," Zelda, said.
"Let's go, then" Gwen says.

Sometime later...

"Finally here!" Gwen said, then finding something interesting, grinning widely, "Hey, Zelda! Want to make things more interesting?" Gwen asks.
"Sure. What do you have in mind?" Zelda replies.
"I found this on the way here," Gwen responds and shows Zelda 2 pink dresses that look like they could fit a bulbasaur and a pikachu," I just found this at random and since we're both on the same mission, let me make this a small, but simple challenge. Whoever beats more pokèmon within 10 minutes becomes the loser's master. The loser has to wear the pink dress that fits her for one week has become the winner's lackie for three days" Gwen explains to Zelda.
"Okay, but I have to warn you, I'm not going to lose!" Zelda responds, with a confident look.
"All right. 3...2...1...GO!!"
And the hunt was on...

Ten minutes later...

...and now it's over, with the score being:
Gwen: 10 Zelda: 100
"Oh yeah!! Now, as you promised, you're my lackie for three days and now have to wear that ridiculously pink dress," Zelda said, smirking widely.
"This isn’t right. I'm a guy, in a female Bulbasaur's body and, to top it all off, I have to wear a dress for a week and be her servant for three days! Dammit, this sucks!" Gwen groans, "Still, I'm a guy of my word, so give me that stupid dress," Gwen puts on the pink dress.
"..." Zelda tries not to snicker, " Okay, servant, let's finish this rescue mission and get the reward so we can pay Muk for our house back," Zelda told Gwen, marching forward.
"Yes, master..." Gwen responds, following up with a sneer.

Ten more minutes later...

Zelda and Gwen found the Magnemite and got their 500 Poke reward. Gwen, still sneering at the fact that she lost the bet, goes home with Zelda and Mike, who's been snickering the whole time, since the end of the bet, follows along.
They pay the Muk, and kick them all out, due to a request from Zelda, Gwen apologizing every Vine Whip toss.
"Well, I'm tired. Servant, take five," Zelda said, walking home. Mike laughs.
"Oh, shut it, you..." Gwen mutters.
Gwen enters her house and starts to watch the T.V. She was trying to tune into the girls rule channel when, suddenly, the T.V. becomes possessed by a God-like force and the narrator appears on the T.V. screen.
"Hello, Max. How you been? Haven't seen you since I created you," the narrator said, from the T.V.
"Craptastic, thank you. I mean, come one, I'm wearing a pink dress, for crying' out loud, though, really, it isn't all that bad..." Gwen replies.
"Good, good. Then, my backup plan is going smoothly..."
"What do you mean "Backup plan?" I hope you're not thinking..."
"Yep, you guessed it! I made a backup plan just in case you, somehow, win. Now, that I have you around all these girly things, your real life body will begin to shift. When you've fully become a girl here, you'll lose all your sense out here. In short, you'll be transformed into a girl."
Gwen screams like a girl, though, still talking in his, slightly feminine now, male voice, "YOU BASTARD! You know that makes me hate you even more than before, right?"
"I know, but I don’t really care, since you can't beat me. And even if you do, it'll probably be too late and you'll be a girl," the narrator said, laughing as the T.V. becomes staticy and then tuning back to his previous channel.
"That’s it, you damned narrator... when I get out of here, I'm going to f*** you up so bad, you're momma's not even going to recognize you... As I said, Mark my words, you bastard..." Gwen turns off the T.V, picks it up, destroys it, wakes up Mike, and puts it outside while Mike's crying. Gwen then goes back inside to take care of Mike.
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