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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Chapter 4: Thunder down under

Jarre stood silently in the cavern with Misha by his side. His face was expressionless, but inside he was cold. Cold with fear and helplessness. It had been a while now since Zanna had disappeared through the crevice and Jarre was beginning to feel anxious.

He had talked to Misha and found out that there was a rumour of a monster deep in Maze Caverns. Misha obviously wasn’t concerned, but Jarre knew there must be a hint of truth in what she said. He phased back to the present as the ground began to shake violently beneath his claws.

Misha let out a gasp and grabbed hold of Jarre’s wing. “What’s that?!,” Jarre exclaimed to himself. “It’s not an earthquake, that’s for sure!” The shaking stopped abruptly and his head began to spin. He leant against the wall to support himself, while he held Misha tightly in his wings.

The little Chikorita began to sob and buried her face in Jarre’s feathers. “I’m scared Jarre.” The muffled voice stammered.

“It’s gonna be okay, Zanna’ll sort everything out.” He replied, trying to soothe her. But he didn’t even believe his own words. Jarre’s feathers stood on end as he noticed voices coming towards him. “Hide.” He whispered to Misha and gently nudged her out from beneath his feathers.

She nodded and dove behind a rock, while Jarre stood in the shadows, against the wall. A bright light illuminated the cave and Jarre tensed, ready for a battle if need be. But it wasn’t a monster at all. Jarre relaxed as he recognised the faces of Lani and Codan. “It’s okay, Misha,” Jarre called out to her. “It’s just the PRA.”

A tiny head peeked out from behind the rock and smiled. She ran up to Codan and leapt up into his arms, nudging his fur with her head. Codan laughed and held Misha up to his face. “I told you to be back by lunchtime. Your mother isn’t going to be happy about this.”

Misha turned away and looked at the ground. Codan gently put a paw underneath her chin and lifted her head up. His face was serious, though he showed no sign on fear. “How’s Polo?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know. Zanna went to get him.” Misha replied, looking at Codan with teary eyes. Lani let off a worried look as she turned to Codan.

“The Pikachu you told me about is trying to rescue a Chikorita? In Maze Caverns!?” Codan was about to speak, when Jarre interrupted.

“Zanna’s brave! I know she can do it. She-” Jarre stopped as another earthquake pulsed through the ground. An anguished cry floated up to them. The cry of a Pikachu. Jarre tried to run to the crevice, but Lani held him back firmly between her paws. “Zanna!” He screamed out, behind a veil of rushing tears.


I have to protect Polo. That was my only thought at the moment--nothing else mattered. My breath came in short gasps and I knew I was close to fainting. I had managed to lure the Aggron away from Polo. I glanced quickly at the sleeping pokemon, though never taking an eye away from the danger that stood before me.

I seemed to glow with an intense heat that I’d never felt before. It was as if the energy was thinking for me--it always knew what to do. The Aggron lashed out with it’s tail again and I barely dodged it in time. The sheer force of the attack sent me sprawling across the ground.

I kneeled on my paws weakly, knowing they wouldn’t be able to support me much longer. The Aggron roared and launched a couple of boulders towards me. Instinct immediately took over as I jumped up onto the first, then second boulder.

Again the steel-hard tail hurtled through the air, ready to pummel anything that got in it’s way. It took all my concentration to keep myself crouching down on the rock and not to run away. A determined expression settled on my face and twitched into a sly grin. The Aggron either didn’t notice, or care.

It just growled, as inch-by-inch the tail began to close in. Well I for one, am not giving it the satisfaction of turning me into a pancake! I leapt through the air at the flying tail and it slammed into me at full force. The Aggron cheered in triumph and bent down to inspect it’s prize.

It almost reeled when it saw that I hadn’t been crushed. I hung on tightly to it’s tail and smiled. “Pika!”--“Gotcha!” A hot energy pulsed through me and I cried out to the Aggron, letting it know that it was over. “Piikaaachuu!” I tensed, clutching the tail with all my might.

My fur stood on end as a huge discharge of electricity surged through the Aggron’s body. The tail writhed and I was flung to the ground. I hit it face first and let out a cry as pain flowed through my now throbbing cheek. But what did it matter? The Aggron wouldn’t bother me anymore.

I rolled onto my back and saw the steel-hard face of the Aggron towering above me. No! It wasn’t meant to be like this! Why hadn’t it fainted? Then it hit me. I was just a Pikachu--no more, no less. Could I have really thought it would faint? I turned my head to Polo, who would never see light again.

“Polo…I’m so very sorry…” My eyes fluttered and closed. I couldn’t hold on anymore. Come, take me. It’s the last you’ll get!


Jarre’s feathers stood on end as he saw the still figure of Zanna lying but a few metres from him. “Make no sudden movements,” Codan cautioned as he stepped up behind Jarre. “Or you could be next.” Lani put a heavy paw on Jarre’s wing.

“All things must come and go,” She said soothingly. “It is the nature of life.” Jarre simply refused to believe this, though her words struck him to the very core. Suddenly he felt frail and he shuddered. This monster was going to take away his new friend, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Tears began to well in the corners of his eyes as he looked helplessly at the Pikachu and Chikorita, sprawled across the ground. The dirt welcomed his sorrow and swallowed his tears, but Jarre could still see them hovering above the surface. His brow furrowed. There was something reflected in them.

But we’ve got to keep trying--as long as we have hope. Jarre stared intently at the shimmering tears. Zanna didn’t give up when things got tough, and neither will I! Jarre turned to Codan, a determined look on his face. “Let me save them, Codan,” He said with a steely tone, “I can do it.”

For friendship, he added in his mind. He stared at Codan, hoping he could see it in his eyes. The great dragon tensed, then seemed to relax a bit. He put Misha on the ground and turned to face Jarre. “You sound so much like Zanna,” He said gently, looking Jarre straight in the eyes.

“Do what you must, but never underestimate your opponent.” Lani smiled and a small rumble erupted from her throat.

“Go with good wishes.” She whispered, touching Jarre on the forehead with her snout. He nodded. He had nothing but respect for these two and they knew it. He surveyed the cavern carefully, taking in every bit of detail. However, he had no time for a plan.

The Aggron turned round and aimed a punch straight at Jarre. He dodged it quickly and counter-attacked with a small jet of flames. The metal beast reeled in pain as Jarre adjusted himself, ready for the next attack. He clenched his beak, crushing the dirt beneath his claws, feeling their grainy texture.

The Aggron lashed out with his metal tail again and again, and every time Jarre dodged it, he was growing weaker. His movements slowed and the tail scraped his chest, leaving him exposed to harm. He landed on the gravel with a thud. His legs were shaking and he was drenched with sweat.

The Aggron seemed to notice this, and what seemed like a sneer appeared on it’s face. It raised it’s huge arms into the air and roared. Dozens of metal copies surrounded Jarre, each staring at him with the same cold, blue eyes. Jarre felt dizzy and his wings slumped by his side, torn by huge claws.

But the monster didn’t come rushing at him as he’d expected. It just tilted it’s head back and let out a screech. A terrible, blood-curdling screech. Jarre winced and covered himself with his wings, but he could already feel his power weakening. This was the toll of metal sound.

He couldn’t move--he was rooted to the spot. His head told him to run but his legs wouldn’t obey. He looked up in fear as all the Aggron closed in on him mercilessly. All he could do was close his eyes and wait. But the attack never came. As he opened his eyes, he saw a distinct black figure in front of him, surrounded by flames.

Lani! Her red eyes glowed and she snapped viciously at the Aggron, launching intense fireballs at the copies. The real Aggron appeared and tried to shake her off. But Lani was too fast, merely side-stepping the attacks. She had been trained to move fast as a form of defence!

Jarre shook his head and slowly got up on his feet. He glanced at Zanna and Polo with concern. If only he could reach them! Lani disappeared into thin air, leaving the Aggron looking around in confusion. She reappeared moments later behind the Aggron, attacking it with a purple blast that surged from her body--a faint attack.

With the Aggron occupied by the flailing dog, Jarre made a dash for Zanna. He dove at the ground, dodging a few rocks that were scattered towards him and tumble to the Pikachu. He collapsed in a heap by her side, exhausted from the battle with the Aggron. Jarre peered at her cautiously.

Was she still breathing? He put his soft head against her chest. A faint beat pulsed through her warm fur. So she was alive…but in bad shape. Just then, Zanna’s eyes fluttered open. “Polo…” She said hoarsely. Jarre put a feathery wing against her paw.

“Don’t worry Zanna. I’ll save you and Polo.” Zanna seemed to smile for a second, then drifted off again. Jarre quickly glanced back to Lani, who was now battling paw-to-paw with the Aggron. He took one last look at Zanna and ran to Polo. Jarre did the same to him and felt a tiny pulse against his head.

Relief flooded through him. Both were okay. But the victory was short lived. A yelp erupted from the Houndoom as she was flung against the wall. Jarre clenched his beak with worry. Codan was keeping the steel monster away from Lani the best he could. He stood his ground firmly in front of her, using protect.

But the Aggron seemed to have a short attention span. Giving up the endless battle with Codan, it went for the next best thing--Zanna. Jarre’s eyes were wide with fear as the monster stomped towards her. Even though he was only a few metres away, he knew he couldn’t make it in time.

Jarre’s eyes blazed, and angry tears flooded down his face. For no reason at all, he cried out to the monster. “I was always brought up thinking there was some good in everyone. But you,” Jarre lowered his voice menacingly, “You are a monster!” The Aggron roared and raised a paw to swipe at the defenceless Pikachu, but Jarre got in first.

“No more!” He cried savagely. Jarre felt his stomach boil. The heat had to escape somehow and the closest thing was his beak. He took a deep breath and released a raging inferno, scorching the Aggron. Codan stared blankly at Jarre, while Lani stared in awe.

When the last of the flames left his body, Jarre stood dazed. But the Aggron was still standing! It roared and smacked Jarre in the side, knocking him to the ground. He flinched as a rock hit his leg. Searing pain flowed through, leaving him unable to move. The Aggron advanced on Jarre, sharp teeth shining like knives.

Jarre looked up weakly and saw a yellow figure emerge from behind the monster. Zanna! She stood very feebly, although she was up at least. She found her footing and glared up at the Aggron. “No, more…” She said weakly. A yellow glow surrounded her as she leapt into the air, towards the Aggron.

A bolt of lightning rushed into the cavern through a crack in the roof, and connected as one with Zanna. She cried out savagely. “PIIIKAAACHUUU!!!” A yellow aura of thunder surrounded her and erupted from her body. Jarre was flown back by the force of the thunder attack.

Just before he fainted, he caught a glimpse of the Aggron falling to the ground, and Zanna behind it. She wavered for a bit, then fell to the darkness, as did Jarre.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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