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Default Pokemon D/P EV Spots / EV Training Guide.

First off...what is EV training?

EVs (or Effort Values) are gained when battling Pokemon. Each Pokemon that you battle gives out a certain amount of Effort Values. Effort Values are hidden from view though, so it is up to you to keep track of this.

Each Pokemon gain up to a total of 510 EVs. Every 4 EVs equals one stat point gained when you level up (if you gained 4 EVs of that stat while training). Out of those 510, 508 of them are usable (508 is divisible by 4 and 510 is not). However, each stat can only have a maximum of 252 usable Effort Values. That means you can max out 2 different stats. 252 EVs translates into 63 stat points. (63 times 4 is 252). Also, this can be supplemented by a nature. (A beneficial nature adds 10% more stat points overall, while a hindering nature takes away 10% overall. So a Pokemon with an Adamant nature gets 10% MORE stat points in Attack but 10% LESS stat points in Special Attack).

Now on to where you can do this in Diamond and Pearl?

~*added by me* Unowns (((+1 EV for SP. ATK and +1 ATK EV.)))
~TIP: *contributed from Beech Daly* Fight Low level pokemon so you don't gain alot of EXP while getting a good amount of EV's. High levels make pokemon grow faster and make EV training a tad harder.

~Shellos at Valley Windworks north of ignore the Buizel (+1 each)
~Gastrodons at Fuego Ironworks or Route 213 ignore Floatzel (+2 each)
~Gastrodons outside of Pal Park (+2 each) *are there Floatzel here?*

~Kricketune and Bibarel at route 212 (rainy route) (+2 each)

~Cave with Geodudes and Hippos off route 214 (+1 each) *name?*
~Onix and Gravelers on Iron Island in the second room ignore Golbats (+1 Onix) (+2 Gravelers)

Special Attack:
~Gastly at the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest (+1 each) (Haunters +2) (Gengars +3)
*Need GBA Game in GBA slot and National Pokedex for Haunters and Gengars*
~Golducks surfing in the water at the Resort Area (+2 each)

Special Defense:
~Surfing any ocean/sea area for Tentacools (+1each)
*North of 8th gym town has been good ignore Pellipers* (Mantykes +1)

~Raticates and Fearows Northwest of the Fight Area (+2 each) *name?*
~Zubats in a cave (+1 each)
*anyone know whats the best cave?*
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
*Vs Seeker Trainers*

~Route 209 - Cowgirl - L14, 15, 15, 15, and 16 Bidoof (5 HP)

~Route 203 - Lass - L38 Staraptor, L38 Bibarel (5 Attack)


Special Attack:
~Route 214 - Collector - L20, 22, and 24 Roselia (6 Sp. Attack)

Special Defence:

~Route 205 (on the water bridge) - Fisherman - L10, 10, 10, 10, 10, and 10 Magikarp (6 Speed)

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
*Power Items and Pokerus*

Power Items:
These items boost the number of EVs gained per battle with a pokemon in their respective stat.

Power Ankle: Boosts Speed EVs

Power Band: Boosts Special Defense Evs

Power Belt: Boosts Defense EVs

Power Bracer: Boosts Attack EVs

Power Lens: Boosts Special Attack EVs

Power Weight: Boosts HP EVs

Equation goes like this:

x + y = t

x = EV's from pokemon
y = EVs boosted from Power Items (+4)
t = Total EVs

Now with Pokerus we multiply the whole left side of the equation by 2 so...

2(x + y) = t

Now assume we have a pokemon that grants 2 points per battle...

2(2 + 4) = 12
Speeding up EV Training

Macho Brace
- Lowers the speed of the holder, but doubles the amount of EVs you get from one battle. (example: If you fight a Starly for Speed EVs, you get 2 EVs instead of the normal 1 EV.

- Doubles the amount of EVs you get from a battle.

- Adds 10 EVs to a stat, but stops working if that stat already has 100 more EVs in it.

EXP. Share
- Not only does the wearer gain half the experience from a battle, but it ALSO gains EVs. So, for example, if someone battles a Pidgey for one EV of Speed, the both the Pokemon that battled and the wearer of EXP. Share gain 1 EV in Speed EACH. (If, say, a Pidgeotto battles and a Gastly is wearing the EXP. Share, then both Pidgeotto and Gastly each get 1 EV; the amount of EVs gained is not split in half.)

Reducing EVs
In Pokemon Emerald version, there are 6 berries that can reduce EVs. Each one reduces 10 EVs from their respective stat.

- Pomeg Berry - HP
- Kelpsy Berry - Attack
- Qualot Berry - Defense
- Hondew Berry - Special Attack
- Grepa Berry - Special Defense
- Tamato Berry - Speed

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