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Default Re: Moé Club

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
Certainly true. I mean... it's not like "Pokemon is an ANIME".

It makes perfect sense that Kenny is the one to found the club. He is the "Anime Master". I always talk with him about anime when I need a recommendation. Knowing him, he's already gone though the anime of the season and is preparing for the next.
Myuuu. Unfortunately, this season's been a slow one for me. I haven't seen much overall. And DESU is forever. XD

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
well... yeah lawl...

Kenny wasn't the original "master" really... if Max was only still here... of active... I dunno which.

Might as well share it you peepz...

the epitomé of MOST animé vids... (not all old series and episodes are there...)

*just checked out pokemon d/p in japanese... prof oak sounds gay, and meowth's voice... wtf...
My DDL source has the word "loli" in its url. XD

Originally Posted by skiboydoggy View Post
Crunchyroll's quality can suffer drops though. Of course, I still use it since Bittorrent takes too damned long.

Watch the SRW OG: Divine Wars anime and tell me Latooni isn't moe.
IRC is arguably better anyway. Some of the better bots are just way faster than anything else.

Originally Posted by charizard_mike View Post
So. I like Tokyo Mew Mew. *Shifty eye* SO what! I don't have a problem! I like my gentic engineer animal girls. There is nothing wrong with that is there?
No, you stick with your animal girls.
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