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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

Ah. Thanks for reviewing, both of you. ^_^ I'm really trying hard on this. The legendary pokemon in this fic do fit in, and they have backround behind them. Well, here's chapter 2. (it's a longer chapter, I promise)

~Chapter 2~

“Who is that?” Celebi whispered, straining her eyes to see the face of the ever-jubilant Pachirisu approaching them. His best friend, the cute and adorable Eevee, was by his side. The three legendaries filled with happiness as soon as they recognized their good friends.

“Hey Pachirisu! Hi Eevee!” Mew practically yelled, waving his hand with such force that you could have thought that it was on fire. The two remaining pokemon, being their quiet selves, waved “Hello.”

The fox and the electric squirrel finally ran all the way up to them. They were their size, but Team Little-Legend was still much stronger and older. However, they were very good friends-Pachirisu was an intelligent, brave pokemon. Eevee was very favorable. She was cute, adorable, and sweet on the inside.

“Hello guys! Are you going to take one of your rescue missions now?” Eevee asked politely, eyeing the letters in Celebi’s hands. Pachirisu and Eevee always talked about how they wanted to be in a rescue team one day, saving all different pokemon. So of course, they were always hyped when they saw Team Little-Legend leaving for a mission.

“Sorry to both of you…but you can’t come on our rescue missions….it’s prohibited, and you could get hurt….” Jirachi muttered, barely loud enough to hear. He wanted them to come, but he cared for them more.

Eevee pouted, and whimpered. Pachirisu opened his mouth to say something, but then he closed it quickly.

“Fine…. But take us next time, please?” He said after a while. Pachirisu always thought before he spoke, a trait rare in some pokemon.

“You got it!” Celebi couldn’t help herself-Pachirisu and Eevee were both so cute. And their intention was always good.

Team Little-Legend waved back at the two pokemon, as they proceeded into Pokemon Square and Pachirisu and Eevee headed into the forest-probably to play hide and seek again.

Pokemon Square was crowded, busy, and bustling as usual. The only thing that could be heard were the shouts and talking of other pokemon all over the town, and what could be seen were the tops of pokemon shops and houses. To avoid being pushed and shoved, Team Little Legend always hovered above the town on bright mornings. The wind was like a soft blanket from way up in the sky, but the three legendaries couldn’t enjoy it for long. They had a mission to prepare for.

“Hey, there’s Kangaskhan’s shop!” Mew had blurted out, stopping and pointing to a large brown building that had two huge horns pointing out of it. That was definitely the mother-like pokemon’s shop.

“So it is…” Celebi simply replied, as they all descended from the safety of the sky and down to the waking ground of pokemon square.

Kangaskhan’s shop always smelled of cinnamon, was very warm, and held an aura of welcome around it. It also looked to be the cleanest place in the entire pokemon universe. These things were partly expected of Kangaskhan-she was the mother of one of the most helpless pokemon. Her baby, spitting and giggling, sat in her mother’s carrying pouch. The welcoming building was also a place for rescue members to storage their belongings when they weren’t on missions.

“Hello darlings,” Kangaskhan-better known as mother Kangaskhan-greeted the three legendaries with her gentle voice and a friendly smile.

“Good morning!” Team Little-Legend exclaimed, all smiles. Kangaskhan was a very good pokemon-what was not to smile about? Her little baby gurgled and then laughed, spit dripping down its chin.

“You are here for your items. Don’t worry; I’ll get them for you! Have a cookie while you’re here.” the normal type pokemon said, leaving the room and entering a seen door. She came back around two minutes later with a stuffed leather bag and a plate of cookies.

The three small pokemon bowed their head in thanks for the kind actions and then left Kangaskhan’s shop, waving to baby Kangaskhan and saying a happy “Thank you!” over their small shoulders.

For the remainder of the bright and sunny morning, Celebi, Mew, and Jirachi continued getting ready for their mission. After stopping by the storage shop, they visited the Keckleon brother’s shop for any items they didn’t have. (They were expensive, but that really didn’t bother them…) Finally, they went to Persian’s money saving shop for 1,000 out of a possible 999,999,999 poke they had deposited.

Persian loved money and so his job was to safe keep it. The cat store owner seemed like a suspicious pokemon, but not one pokemon had ever lost any money to him.

The Keckleon brothers were wacky and odd. They sold anything a pokemon needed, and although they were very pricey, they proved to be smart pokemon when it came to what items were good in battle, what food items to take, etc….

With all their items and confidence within themselves, Mew, Jirachi, and Celebi flew out of Pokemon Square and towards Wish Cave to succeed in something that was important to them! Jirachi seemed a little shaken, but he was ready for anything. Along with his two other teammates.
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