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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

JentleViolence, you've done a nice job. A transcription of the game, I mean. I don't mean this to be offensive, but you don't really do anything. The chapter is rather short and there's really nothing interesting in it.

Of course you do have the legendaries. I'm not sure how this'll work out, but if they're just really regular pokemon... I don't see why you need them. If you plan to make the pot fit in, I'm fine with it.

As for the writing, it's okay, I guess. You've got a nice pace, though you could have described some more. For example, you didn't explain what Pokemon Square is. I myself have never played MD and so don't really know what it is.

Originally Posted by Ketchup View Post
Legends as main characters - Bad Concept.

Though, I've seen worse. Far worse, so don't worry about it too much. If you want to write it up, write it. I wouldn't mind reading it, just making a suggestion.
Ketchup, it's not really the legendaries that make it bad, it's how they're used. For example, if they're sort of 'illegitimately born' children of the real legendaries (think Zeus + _______), then they might have a resemblance to the legendary but then also have weaknesses and flaws of their other parent.
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