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Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

This is rated PG for now, but PG-13 from Chapters 6 and on. (Rated for violence, language/sexuality is not in this Fan fiction.)

*Fire burns in eyes* This is one of my first fanfictions, and I feel I did good on it! Anywho, I hope you like it.

~Chapter 1~

“Wake up already! Come on Mew-there are tons of rescue missions today!”

Jirachi’s voice was sweet and gentle, yet forceful as it tried to wake up his lazy rescue partner. However, Mew wouldn’t wake up-the sad part was that Team Little-Legend had to go through this entire process every day.

“How can he even sleep with his base all neon pink and bright…?” Jirachi thought, gazing all around his teammates vividly decorated room. Not only was Mew’s room brightly colored, but the pink legendary also kept various figurines and other rare items scattered around the small room called a rescue base. It was a truly messy but beautiful sight.

Celebi ambled into the base, holding a few letters close to her. She had clearly checked the mailbox, and had gathered all the rescue jobs ALREADY. Now she just stood by the open glass door, giggling as she saw Jirachi and the sleeping Mew.

“Mew, you give me no other choice….,” Jirachi said softly as he jumped onto Mew’s bed and began to wrestle the sleeping pokemon. Mew immediately woke up and adjusted to his surroundings, wrestling his rescue partner back.

“Yay! A game to start the morning! I’m going to win!” Mew replied as the two rolled around the dirty floor, giving play punches and kicks to each other. Jirachi’s calm pose was lost as he began laughing. Fun was evident in Team Little Legend.

“Guys! What about me?” Celebi replied, hovering over the two’s wrestling match. Celebi’s voice was fragile and beautiful, almost like colored glass.

At that moment, Mew had noticed his quiet teammate.

“Hi! You checked the mail already! Cool! Let’s go into Pokemon Square and prepare for the mission! Oh and good morning!” Mew said, getting off the floor and smiling at the grass legendary. Jirachi also got up and retained his calm demeanor, waving at the only female pokemon on Team Little-Legend.

And so the pokemon flew out of Mew’s base, with Celebi taking another look at Mew’s outer base. It looked as it normally did-bright pink with two cat like ears emerging from the top, and eyes in the form of windows. A clean glass door was the “Mouth” of the base. It all looked the same to Serebii, yet something about it was wrong….maybe Celebi was just imagining things. She did wake up mighty early. So, she caught up with her teammates.

The path to Pokemon Square was calm and peaceful. Plants and trees were on either side of the path, and then the occasional pokemon would be met scurrying over to the forest. The path was a short walk to Pokemon Square, and it was also the way to get in and out of Pokemon Village.

All 3 legendaries bases were in the forest, which was heavily overseen by Celebi. Their bases were all so beautiful and well done. Why? Simply because Jirachi, Celebi, and Mew were all part of a pokemon rescue team called Team Little-Legend. Team Little Legend was highly favored as a rescue team because they were so strong and innocent. Currently, their rescue rank was Diamond-better known as being undefeated, or undefeatable.

“So what’s our mission about?” Mew asked, breaking the silence. It was funny that he always seemed to be the first to speak.

“It’s about rescuing a Wurmple in Wish Cave,” replied Celebi, fiddling with the letter. It was clear that she was trying to avoid looking at Jirachi, who had just gone pale.

The entire group stopped, and an awkward silence formed. Not even Mew spoke.

“My former home…” The star-shaped pokemon muttered, looking down at the ground as if it had become suddenly very interesting. True, Jirachi had once lived in Wish Cave, sleeping his life away and granting any wish. However, that pattern was broken one day, when he had woken up and had found out that he simply couldn’t go back to his sleep. It was a huge mystery.

They all stared at the eye catching ground until a very young and loud voice caught their attention.

“Hi Team Little-Legend!!” The rambunctious yell from two small figures running over to them from Pokemon Square.
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