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Default Re: Bronix- The First Encounter

Originally Posted by WTC123 View Post

They say that a summer night are mostly those magical nights of the year. When the sun goes down and the stars show their bright glow around the sky, it couldn’t get as magical as that. Some say the stars make these events at the end of a hot summer day special. Well, that’s they would say if you lived in the small town of Bronix, Mississippi. With a population of 571, most would think of this town as those little farm communities. Well, the only thing they grow there are trees and swamp that almost completely surround the town isolating it from the rest of the world. Unless you have heard of it, you would only know that it was the only town in Mississippi that never had a mosquito problem for over 120 years. Some say it’s just a coincidence, some call it lucky, and others might call it a holy ground.

Whatever you would call it, Bronix would always be known for the town of mysteries, especially for the last two months of its life. For some reason, Bronix has mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth, every trace of it, buildings gone, and citizens gone. For the number of witnesses that have seen this event, vanished one by one leaving it a mystery for what gave the small town its fame. Well……… there is one more witness that has seen this event. A somebody that has once lived in this town. My name is Kevin Harper. In this story, I will tell you everything I saw, from when it began and when it ended.

Soon the world will know of this mystery that has puzzled the world for 4 years. This puzzle will now be solved within the pages of this book. As it all started on a normal Summers night.

So what do you think of it so far?
Is it Pokemon related?

Other than that it's very good writing skills, makes me want to read more and I like how it starts with lots of mystery.
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