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Default Re: Pokemon 4th Generation!

Originally Posted by Suicune
I hope the info is 100% official. But I wish pokemon would slow down with the games. Don't get me wrong I LUV A new pokemon game and new pokemon characters but they are making too many games/characters too quick. The all ready have 20 plus games since 1995! thats more than Zelda,Samus,etc. Pokemon needs to find an alternative like pokemon colosseum. IT isnt new pokemon. It's a new concept with old pokemon.

Anyway the 7th movie looks awesome and here are some of my thoughts on the matter.
Exactly! I love new Pokémon games as well, but 500+ Pokémon will be too much! I mean, whenever I'm actually through Ruby/Sapphire, then I'll be ready to proceed, but until then.
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