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Default Re: Pokčmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

This chapter was edited,so i did not bother re-editing it or checking it.well enjoy.
note:till chapter 5 all my chapter were edited by a friend,now i do the editing myself.
Chapter 2:The Hospital

In a dream Gwen's having...

"Zelda? What’s up? Do I have something on my face or something?" Gwen asks.
"No, worse, look," Zelda, responded, pointing below Gwen.
"What the f***?! It’s an egg!! NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo," Gwen yelled, her voice getting smaller as she starts to wake up.

Gwen, now waking up...

When she does wake up, she's glad it's just a dream, "Phew! It was just a dream! Thank god, it would have been horrible to have a baby, especially since I'm actually a guy. There's no way I could've lived with the fact I had a baby..." Gwen said, sighing in relief.

Then, "the voice of doom" is heard...

"Hello, Max, or should I say "Gwen." I hope you're enjoyed your quest so far! I've been laughing at every moment of it," said the narrator, snickering.
"Oh, crap, it's you again. Well, since this might as well be my only chance to call you these names, I'll start now. YOU F***IN' BALL SUCKING, DONKEY RAM****, S*** EATIN', te******, WORTH NOTHIN' BUT PIG S***!! UNCLE F***TARD THAT'S MARRIED TO A SEACUCUMBER!! I hate you so much! Do you have any idea how much pain I've felt since you brought me here?!" said Gwen, pissed off to the 125th power.
"Not really, and don't blame me for this. All I did was make a deal with Zelda that she would be at level 30 if she did what she did to you. And I do mean the whole breaking your leg and the thundershocking incidents. That's all," said the narrator.
"Why?! You do realize I hate you even more now, right?!"
"Yes. That's the whole point. You can hate me all you want, you can't do squat about it. And to top it all off, I'm at your house, doing this whole gig, to make you feel better."
"Oh my God, I hope you aren't using my Nintendo Wii cause if you are..." said Gwen, threateningly.
"Yes, your Nintendo Wii's a nice fun console and I played it for hours and hours but since I wanted you to suffer some more, I threw it in the blender and fed the scraps to Yanmega the bug type pokčmon. Now, it's completely destroyed, along with the games you had. Ha, ha, ha," said the narrator.

AAAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?! My precious NINTENDO WII!!! WHY? WHY?! WHY?!?! WHY?!?!" Gwen weeps. It was that exact moment that Gwen gets even more pissed, "THAT'S IT!!! I'M GONNA BECOME THE GREATEST RESCUE TEAM EVER, KICK YOUR ASS AND MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY NINTENDO WII!!!!" Gwen said, still crying and weeping.
"Go ahead. Make my day and humor me some more. Your life's already bad enough today so I'm going to leave now. I'll see you again, if I feel bored," The voice fades away.

Zelda then comes into Gwen's room, right after the voice leaves.
"Hello Gwen. I just want to say that I'm sorry for breaking your leg. There, I said it. I broke your leg cause some newbie asked me to break it in exchange for some experience points. I couldn't refuse so I did it and now I'm level 30! Pretty cool, right?” said Zelda explains.
"You’re a pi******** for breaking my leg..." Gwen smirks, "Now, allow me to return the favor..."
Gwen uses vine whip to pick up Zelda and swings her around and smashes her leg against a steel pipe.
"OUCH!! My f***ing leg! You broke it!" Zelda said, wincing in pain.
"Whatever, now let's call the Chansey and see what they can do to patch us up so we can walk, do a rescue mission, get some Poke and go eat somewhere, okay?" Gwen told Zelda.
"This some sort of a Truce?" Zelda asks.
"Yeah, it is."
Gwen presses room service button in the room and some Chansey come into the room.
"Hey, my friend here broke her leg. Can you patch it up?" Gwen asked the Chansey.
"No, sorry. We Chansey can only heal wounds, not broken bones. Blissey is the one that can help you two," said Chansey #1.
"Okay, so call blissey and patch her up, for Pete's sake!" Gwen told the Chansey, annoyed.
"It'll cost 500 Poke to get her to heal both of you," said Chansey #2.
"What?! S***! Look, we only got 250 Poke now. Can we pay you what we have now and pay the rest of the poke later or tomorrow?!" Gwen said.
"I have a better idea! You become a mom for a day and Blissey will heal your friend's bone for free," said Chansey #3.
"Egg, baby and mom for a day?! F*** you narrator!! F*** you for this!! F*** you to hell again!!" Gwen sighs, "Okay, I'll be a mom for a day, just don’t expect that much. After all, I still have a crippled leg, and I can't walk much. Still, as long as the little munchkin doesn't kick me in the leg, we got a deal," said Gwen.

Just then, an egg is put on the bed, in front of Gwen. The Chansey place Gwen on the egg, with Gwen wincing in pain. Still, she sat like a chicken on it's egg...err... sort of.
"So what now? Do I just sit here all day till the damned thing hatches and take care of the baby?" Gwen asks.
"Yes," said a incoming voice.
"And who would you be?"
"I'm Blissey and I'm here to heal you and your friend's broken bones!" said Blissey, in a happy-go-merry voice.
"Take longer with my friend's. I say about an hour, okay?" Gwen whispered to Blissey.
"I heard that," Zelda said, making a disgusted face.
"I know but I really don't care. You deserved the broken leg for taking experience over my physical body. And besides the point, at least YOU'RE not the one who has to sit on this egg and then, when it hatches, take care of the baby!" Gwen tells off Zelda.
"Ouch! Don't be a sour puss. Baby pokčmon are cute and helpful!" Zelda said.
"If you feel that way why don't you tell the Chansey that you want the baby Pokčmon inside this egg?" Gwen asks Zelda.
"Nice plan! Hey, Chansey, when the egg hatches, can I keep the baby Pokčmon?" Zelda asks Chansey.
"Sure, why not? You're actually doing us a favor by taking the baby Pokčmon. Just sign these adoption papers and it's yours," Chansey #4 responds and gives Zelda an adoption paper.
"ZELDA! I'm warning you only once! There's no way I'm taking care of this baby Pokčmon, no matter how much you pay me!" said Gwen angrily.
"Fine," Zelda said, signing the papers.
A smug smirk crosses Gwen's face, "Hey, Chansey, can you get Zelda ten thick books about how to raise a baby Pokčmon and then get me a milkshake for waiting? Thanks!" Gwen asks the Chansey, putting Zelda in shock.
Chansey gives Zelda ten rather large books on "How to raise a baby Pokčmon" and give Gwen a milkshake.
"Wow, I love this milkshake! It tastes just like chocolate! But... where did the chocolate milk come from? Chocolate Miltanks?" Gwen said, taking another sip and then chuckling over her own joke.
"How'd you know?!" answers Chansey #5.
"Just a guess," Gwen answers.

Five hours later....

After much unneeded egg-marked butt sitting time later, the egg starts to shake.
"What's happening to the egg?" Gwen asks.
"Its hatching, you dumb**s!" Zelda says, shoving Gwen off the egg and putting herself in full view when the egg hatches. The Pokčmon's a piplup and the first living, breathing thing it sees is Zelda.
"Mama," Piplup's first word to Zelda is Zelda
"Aaw, how cute! It's a whole new Pokčmon species!" Gwen said.
"You're right about that, but still, you didn't even know what it was so you're definitely a newb" Zelda said to Gwen, who scoffs.
"So, what are you going to name him?"
"I was thinking about you being male, so I'm going to call him by a name similar to yours. I'll call him Mike,"
"Nice name. Now, Chansey, we kept our part of the deal so you have to keep yours as well! And, since I'm at it, and were keeping the baby, I want something extra. I want one hundred milkshakes and two hundred bottles of milk for Mike, deal?" Gwen said, secretly ripping off the Chansey.
"Deal. But that's going to cost you your last 250 Poke," Chansey #6 said, with the other Chansey raiding their Poke bag.
"It's the least we can do, since you're taking more than our Miltank can handle. Usually, she'd expect much more."
Gwen scoffs again, "Fine..." Gwen turns to Blissey, "Do you’re thing."
Blissey hands an egg to Zelda and Gwen, who consumes the contents and are healed immediately.
"Now, let the feast of 100 milkshakes begin!!" Gwen said happily.
"What about me? I want some milkshakes too and the same goes to Mike!" Zelda said
"Okay, just make sure Mike learns bubblebeam in a day or two. If he's staying with us, he's got to contribute some sort of help to us, even if he is little. No, I don’t want him as a servant, just as a rescue team member. And one more thing, where's he staying because he's definitely not staying' with me, that's for sure!" Gwen says,
"Oh, he's staying with you. You hatched him!" Zelda argues.
"Well, I didn't sign the papers. Your baby, your problem," Gwen argues back. Mike starts to sniffle and then cry very loudly, almost as loud as an Exploud. This started to get on Gwen's nerves, "Okay, okay! Just shut him up! He can stay with me!" Gwen said, Mike stops crying almost instantly.
"This has been a tough day, but, still, we should go on a rescue mission. I mean, after all, we did get robbed of all our Poke, thanks to your stupid one hundred milkshake and two hundred bottles of milk requests," Zelda said
"Okay, let's just hope it's an easy one," Gwen said.
"Okay, lets check the mailbox... the news... a couple of difficult rescue requests... Hey! There's something here! It's a dvd called 'Pokčmon The Movie' and a whole s***load of other movies with the name 'Pokčmon' on them!
Zelda gets an idea, with the bulb appearing above her head, "Let's call it a day and watch these movies, okay?"
"Okay, Let me just get some popcorn and some drinks," Gwen rushes off to get some
Mike, Gwen and Zelda watched those movies, playing "100 glasses of Milkshakes on the wall" but they soon got sick with the Milkshakes so they all had Diarea for the rest of the night. They had to crap so badly, the toilet was clogged up so they ended up crapping all over Gwen's house. And, in the morning, they had to call some Muk to clean up their house, since it was so badly stinking and pretty much filled with so much crap, the floor wasn't visible.
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