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Default Pokčmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

Hello i am from Pokemoncrater.Well i was till demonspawn Raiblade,banned me for 3 years.well since i strive from pokemon forums i joined this place.So without later a do my first fanfiction in Pokemoncrater and my last one.well let this fanfiction begin.
Chapter 1:The story begins enter the Bulbasaur.

The area is dark, nothing but darkness when then suddenly some giant words appear atop of a shadow that resembles a human that is sleeping. The words say, "you’re quest begins now" and some music starts to play. The music sounds like a great quest is about to begin but one with many challenges and now let the quest of a lifetime begin. But how will it end?

"Wake up! You're about to go on an adventure! Wake up! WAKE UP!!!" a voice said, but the human like shadow is still sleeping and snoring like a Snorlax (big pokemon, that sleeps a lot), "Wake up or else suffer!!" the voice yells.
"What? Who said that?" asked the human like shadow.
"I'm the narrator so wake up, already," the narrator answered
"What? A narrator?! Did Victor hire you to make me pay for stealing his copy of Pokemon Diamond?"
"No," the voice answered, subtly, "And who's John? No, don't answer that. I'm just here to start you up on your quest so just answer the questions and go on your way, alright?"
"WHAT?! Look, there's no way I'm going to go on a quest! I just got a Nintendo Wii and I want to play it. So, if you don't mind, you're going to tell me where the exit is and I'll be out of here."
"You don't have a choice," the narrator said, "Plus, I'm not telling you where to get out of here. There really isn't an exit, yet."
"Suck my *****, you f***in' a******. I'd shoot the bird at you, if I had fingers."
"If you don't answer the questions, I'll make you a female Wobbuffet in your quest! And that, my friend, would suck dearly," the narrator said with a demonic angry voice.
"Okay! Okay! You win! Just don't turn me into a God-forsaken Wobbufet!" the character cries out, in a scared to hell sort of way.
"All right. I knew you'd see it my way...First question, there's an alien invasion! What will you do?" the narrator asks.
"I'd fight them and then call them pussys when I win," the human like shadow answers.
"That's it? I thought you'd do worse?" the narrator asks, in a joking tone.
"I would but, you know, they're aliens. They need to be taught that they're all a couple-a *******" the character snicker.
"Okay, next question. Your friend is being bullied and you're around. What do you do?" the narrator asks.
"Find a weapon, hit the bully in the head and heckle the bully around till he said 'Uncle, Uncle!!' a hundred times," the character said, proudly.
"Okay, next question, what is your least favorite pokčmon?" the narrator asks.
"I have a number of them but Bulbasuar is my most hated. I REALLY hate Bulbasuars. They're like little dinosaurs with a tree ready to grow on their backs," the character answered, in a hateful, but snickering, tone.
"I'm going to make you pay for insulting my favorite pokčmon..." thought the narrator, "Last question. Are you a boy or a girl?"
"I'm a GUY. Do I sound like a little girl that makes cookies and stuff to you?" the character answered, angrily.
"Okay, that's enough. Drum roll, please!" drum roll is heard, "You are...a female Bulbasuar," said the narrator, probably smirking.

Two days later...

"That's vengeance for insulting Bulbasaur and telling me to suck your ***** and calling me a f***in' a******," the narrator said, probably still smirking.
"I'm a f***in' girl. I can live with that, but a Bulbasaur?! WHY?!?" shouts the female Bulbasaur, crying like a baby.
"So, who do you want to be your partner?” asked the narrator.
"What? How else do you want to torment me? I'm a girl, and I was born a guy! Do you even know how much therapy I'm going to need to recover from this?! This is beyond disturbing!!" shouts the female Bulbasaur, still crying.
"Look, I don’t give a flying' ****, just pick your partner and lets get on with our lives," said the narrator, in a rude voice.
"Just give me anyone. This day can't possibly get any worse," said the crying, female Bulbasaur.
"Be careful what you wish for..." said the narrator.

The whole area warps and the Bulbasaur is warped to the middle of a clearing.

"What? Were am I and what’s my gender?" said the confused Bulbasaur, groaning, "That's the last time I play Wii for 12 hours straight hours and drink barbeque sauce before bed. Thankfully, that whole shenanigan was all just a crazy dream" the Bulbasaur stops, looking into the lake and seeing his reflection. He, I mean she, realizes this isn't a dream, "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Damn you, narrator!! Damn you to hell for this!!" the Bulbasuar calms down a bit, "Well, let me review what's happened so far. I got transformed into a female Bulbasaur, born a guy, I'm going to need a whole s***load of therapy to get my life back together and and I may never play with my Nintendo Wii ever again. DA**ED NARRATOR, I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!!"
"Why don't you complain a bit more and talk more crazy talk so everyone considers you a total nutcase?" asked someone from behind.
"If it's a guy, telling me I'm pretty, I swear to God I'm going to..."
"You're going to what? And I'm a girl, FYI!"Said the Pokčmon from behind, which is a Female Pikachu (small rat pokemon, that’s colored yellow).
"Hey, narrator, you said my life's going to get worse than this. Is this the best you can do?!" said the female Bulbasaur, mocking the narrator, shouting to the sky.
"Who's this "narrator?" And the name is Zelda," said the female Pikachu.
"What kind of retard calls their Pikachu child 'Zelda?!'" said the female Bulbasaur, laughing her brains out. Zelda get angry at the comment and hits the Bulbasaur over the head with her tail.
"Ouch! Why'd you do that?!" shouts the female Bulbasaur.
"Cause you where insulting me! Well, whatever. Just tell me your name," Zelda said.
"Take it easy, and the name is Max, by the way," said the female Bulbasaur.
"Odd name for a girl," Zelda said.
"Well, I was a guy till the narrator of this world meddled in my affairs and made me into a female Bulbasaur," said Max.
"Then change your own name, into something more...suiting. What about Gwen?" Zelda suggests.
"No. Effing. Way," Max responded.
"It's either Gwen or a painful shock. You decide," Zelda, charges up.
"I'd rather take pain than a girl's name any day," Max responds.

1 painful minute later...

"Okay!! Okay! Gwen it is! Just get away from me for a second, you F***in' Pikachu!!"Said Max, newly named Gwen.
"Better had. And here's a helpful tip, if you want to win a fight, try using your moves," said Zelda.
"What are my attacks? I never liked Bulbasaurs," Gwen asks.
"I don’t have a clue. And, either way, you can't use moves until you start your quest, you f***in’ newbie," Zelda said, annoyed.
"What did you say something?" Gwen said, after ignoring Zelda.
Zelda was about to hit Gwen again but had a different idea in mind, "Never mind! Try using Razor Leaf or Vine whip" Zelda said, snickering.

One useless and very long day later...

Gwen is gasping for air, still trying to use either move, extremely tired. Zelda is just sitting there waiting for Gwen to fall, so she can start laughing herself into a concussion.
"Why didn't Vine whip or Razor leaf work?!" Gwen asks, gasping for air.
"Two reasons!" Zelda holds up two fingers, "One, you're a newb and you haven't even learned the attack, and two, even if you know the attack, you can't use them until you start your quest!" said Zelda laughing her a** off.
"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?!" Gwen asks, in a very angry tone.
"Because I wanted to have good laugh for calling me a guy and for ignoring me when I tried to tell you that earlier!" Zelda said, sticking out her tongue at Gwen.
"Help! Help! Someone, please help me!" said a panicking Butterfree, fluttering towards the two.
"Lady, you're not the only one with problems, you know," Gwen said, annoyed.
"If you help me, I'll give you 250 Poke!" Butterfree said.
"What the crap is a Poke?!" Gwen asks.
"Its money, you dumba**," Zelda said, subtly.
"Well, excuse me. Not my fault I'm just now trying to get the hang of this," Gwen clasps her paws together, toppling over, not standing on her hind legs. Both Butterfree and Zelda laugh at that, while Gwen gets up, not phased by the little incident, "Okay then, so what's the job?" Gwen asks to Butterfree.
"You have to help rescue my baby, please!" Butterfree said, "He's to you-"
"As if there aren't enough bug types in world as it is!" Gwen interrupts, "Do you really need to make the world full of bug types?"
"That's not the point," Zelda said.
"Forget it! I'm not doing this mission! Especially not to rescue any stupid bug Pokčmon!" Gwen turns away.

Ten seconds later...

Gwen is now being chased by a stampede of Heracross, using Megahorn."AAAHH!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!" yells Gwen, running her butt off from the stampede.
"This is hilarious," said Zelda, holding up a box of popcorn, watching it all from afar.
"If you decide to rescue my baby, I'll call the Heracross stampede off so they'll stop chasing you!!" shouts Butterfree.
"DEAL!!! JUST CALL THEM OFF ALREADY!!!" Gwen shouts back. Butterfree calls them off, pointing to a tree full of sap. The Heracross immediately stop chasing Gwen and rush off to suck on the tree sap.
"My Caterpie is in Tiny Woods. Go rescue him or else I'll call the Heracross stampede on you again," said Butterfree.
"Okay!! Okay,” said Gwen, then muttering under her breath, "I HATE bug types..."
"Bring Caterpie back, safe and sound, and I'll make it worth your while!" Butterfree shouts to the couple.

A few moments later...

"So, since our adventure starts, I guess we can use moves right?" Gwen asks.
"I guess. Just don’t try to pick a random fi-" Zelda said, with Gwen already picking a fight with a random Rattata, "Newbies these days..."
Gwen tries to use Razor leaf against a wild Rattata.
"Tried to warn you..."Zelda said while watching Gwen get her ass kicked by the weak Pokčmon.
"No! Wait, wait! I got it this time!!" Gwen charges back in.

Fifty seconds later...

Gwen slides over to Zelda, with bite marks on her.
"That’s one tough rat," said Gwen with a powerless voice.
"Stay down, don’t move, talk or even think," Zelda said.
"Or what?" Gwen said.
Zelda used Thundershock on Gwen.
"That. Now, do as I say or else you'll be having another one, just as painful," Zelda, said, smirking.
"Okay, I think I get the point..." Gwen said, and falls unconscious.

Five minutes later...

There's a path of beaten Pokčmon that is trailed back behind Zelda. She's carrying Gwen by her foot, dragging her along the road.
"Wow, you're tough!" Gwen said, slightly amazed.
"Thank you. Now, keep your mouth shut! We're near Caterpie, now," Zelda said, catching Caterpie's attention.
"Hey, are you here to rescue me?" Caterpie asks, still crying.
"Yes, let's get you out of here," Zelda said, Caterpie hops up in happiness.

One minute later...

"Thank you for returning Caterpie to me but what happened to your friend?" Butterfree asks.
"He got KOed by a Rattata and I'm just carrying him," Zelda said.
"Well, still, thank you for rescuing my baby. Here's my end of the deal" butterfree said, giving Zelda 250 Poke and some berries, then she and Caterpie leaving the scene.
"Well, I'm pooped! Let's go home! And thank you for being so worthless," Zelda said.
"I would have helped if someone hadn't thundershocked me cr**less!! And I have nowhere to go! You wouldn't happen to know a place where I can stay, do you?" Gwen said, still being carried from the foot by Zelda.

Sometime later....

"Here, this is a place I found a couple days back. I'm not a fan of green houses so you can keep it," Zelda said.
"Thanks a lot. It's a nice house. And one more thing, can you please let go of me?! Sheesh, it's bad enough I'm a girl and a Bulbasaur, but being carried around by a Pikachu from my leg is really bad! Wait, I get it! This is the narrator's punishment! Grrrrr, F***in' narrator..." Gwen mutters, Zelda hearing every word.
"If you say one more word about this narrator, I'm breaking' your leg right now," Zelda said.
"What? It is the F***in' narrator's fault!" Gwen complains.
"That’s it “Zelda said

One minute later...

Zelda breaks Gwen's leg by means of half-nelsoning Gwen's leg and snapping it backwards.
"AAAAAUGH!! YOU BROKE MY LEG!! MY F***IN' LEG, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!" Gwen continues to cry out in pain.
"Heheh. Serves you right," said Zelda.
"Can't you at least take me to the hospital?" Gwen asks.
"Alright, let me just-"
"Fine," Zelda pulls Gwen to the Hospital from her other leg.

One hour later, in the hospital...

"How do you feel?" Zelda asks.
"Bad. Very bad..." Gwen replies.
"Look, I know it's a bad time but do you want to make a rescue team together? I'll teach you how to defend yourself, as well as save some Pokčmon," Zelda said.
"Okay, just, please, don't break my leg again" Gwen said.
"Okay, so let's choose a name," Zelda said.
"What about 'The Idiot and the Tough?'" Gwen suggests.
"Nice name but too long," Zelda said, Gwen falling out on the comment.
"That was sarcasm..." Gwen said, in a low voice.
"Gwen and Zelda," Zelda said.
"It's too obvious," Gwen, said, "What about Eternal?"
"I don't like it but I'm not going to waste my time, so we'll use that," Zelda said.
"Why is it always about you?" Gwen asks.
"Because, I have more power over you," Zelda said, charging up again, making Gwen jump.
"Good point! Well, I need my rest, so I can recover from my broken leg. Bye-bye! See ya! Don't come back in a hurry!" Gwen said.
"I will come tomorrow to pick you up, so we can go on rescue missions and we already have a rescue team starter pack so don't you worry about that," Zelda waves the toolbox over her head.
"Oi..." Gwen groans.
"See you tomorrow!" Zelda leaves Gwen alone
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