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"Realy Bad!" Artemis screamed, " 'Realy Bad' doesn't even half cover this situation! This Ridiculously Bad! Caticlysmically Bad! BUT NOT REALY BAD!!!"

Bah, if you haven't figured it out yet, Artemis and Susano don't get along too wel. -.-"

"Calm down," Thoth said, "Now, Susano, if you don't realize it already, not all of us are hear. This is not because they're late. They... they have disappeared into the Raggnarokk."

"THOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Freyja screached

"Yes," I aggreed, "It seems only myself, Thoth, Isis, Freyja, Artemis, Posiedon, Susano, are on Yggdrasil. Hermes can vouch for this."

"This is insane! Only seven of the sixteen pokegods are here to defend the fort!" Susano said.

"Make that eight," a mysterious figure in the shadows said.

"Loki!" everyone yelled in pseudo-joy, and run up to greet him.

Six short of a dozen. Can we survive this way?
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