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Default Re: The Music Scene

I'd be willing to bet that almost all of those going outta their way to listen to Japanese music don't appreciate it beyond the fact that it comes under the Japanese trend that's... well, pretty much the whole gaming community's conforming to. O.o I'd much rather listen to stuff I can actually understand.

Like... *points at sig*... or some GNR/Velvet Revolver/Queen/Chilis/Franz Ferdinand/Skunk Anansie... Basically, almost any guitar-based music. Although I have to say I'm really not that into punk right now. I really do think that the standard of pop music has taken a steep dive since the 80s and before (Who'd pick up an Elton John nowadays? How many Elvises have you seen around?). That and R'n'B are just about the only types of modern music I won't touch. Pretty faces in skimpy clothes moaning nonsensical lyrics seem to appeal to a lot of people over here, though.
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