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Default Re: A guide to "advanced" Beta-ing in MSWord

II. Other Handy Things

A. The Document Map
Coming Soon!

B. Find and Replace

So one day you're writing a new fic, and you decide that the main character's name sounds incredibly stupid. I mean really, who wants their main character named Tana? That just sounds dumb. How about replacing it with, oh I dunno...Jamie? Yeah! Jamie sounds much easier!

But wait...we'll have to go through the whole chapter and replace every single name by hand, won't we? Aw grief, that'll take us forever! If we're using MSWord though, we won't have to do that at all! Here's how we're going to replace Tana's name with Jamie.

Open up your fic in MSWord and click on the Edit Menu. Make it bigger if you don't see the two buttons pointed out below:

If you can't pull that off, you must be blind or something. O.o

Anyway. Click on Find (or press CTRL+F) to open up this window:

Looks pretty easy to use, ne? Type "Tana" into the little Find What field and click Find Next. It won't tell you how many times "Tana" shows up, but it'll bring you to the next set of letters/numbers/whatever that is the same as what you typed in.

Enough, you say? We're tired of calling this person Tana? THEN LETS FIX IT MMKAY!

From the Edit menu click Replace (or hit CTRL+H), or if you're still in the Find window just click the Replace tab. The window will now look like this:

Notice how the last word we used under the Find tab is still there! Wow, I wonder how that worked out! ^.^

Anyway, this is very easy to figure out. Type "Jamie" in the Replace With field. You can either replace the next instance of "Tana" but we want to replace all of them, so click Replace All. You'll get a screen that looks like this:

Note: If you're in the middle of the document it'll ask if you want to replace the "Tana"s at the top too. Click yes if that happens.

That's all there is to the Find and Replace function. Easy, huh?

C. The Split Window

D. Everyone loves Word Count
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