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Exclamation A guide to "advanced" Beta-ing in MSWord

Eiyoko's Guide to "Advanced" beta-ing in Microsoft Office Word 2003

Hello! I'm Eiyoko, a Certified Specialist in Microsoft Office Word 2003 (or MSWord for short). This is a guide for any and all beta-readers whom favor the use of MSWord. In this guide, I will be covering a few of the more overlooked functions of MSWord that can really help out most beta-readers out there without ruining the original document, as is usually done.

So far, this guide is a work in progress, so the formatting may be iffy at first. Sorry! ^^;

Table of Contents:

I. Track that Change!
---A. Introduction to the Track Changes toolbar
---B. Make those Changes!
------1. Crossing out text
------2. Highlighting
---C. You got a bone to pick? - Using the Comment function
---D. And the winner is... - Making decisions on the changes

II. Other handy little things
---A. The Document Map
---B. Find and Replace
---C. The Split Window
---D. Everyone loves Word Count

III. Using the Compare and Merge Documents function
---A. Merging into the Original
---B. Merging from the Original

IV. Frequently, commonly, ordinarily, and normally asked Questions (FAQ)

V. Parting Notes


Questions? Answers? Comments? Corrections? (Though I'm only accepting corrections with PROOF) PM me! I'll respond as soon as I am able!
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