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Default Re: Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl!

Originally Posted by AshKyogre
It could be quite awhile till D/P because Emerald doesn't come out till Q1 2005 and sometimes they wait a year from the 3rd game to the next gen. Also, once I read that the creator of Pokemon originally made up over 1,000 Pokemon! That could take awhile. And I hope Pokemon Dash isn't like Pokemon Channel. Also, it will work w/ R/S and Emerald and what happens is that the Pokemon you have on them get turned into racing tracks.

Maybe they created the legendaries out of Pearls/Diamonds, but they were too powerful and they couldn't contain them and they broke free, so now they're back to reclaim the Pokemon since it was soo embarrasing...
hey u know how to go in and play i dono