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Shiny's Story Archive

Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return
Status: Completed
Rating: PG (mild swearing)
Genre: Adventure/Comedy
Summary: People have been disappearing all over Hoenn. Wallace, the Sootopolis gym leader, is sent to try and retrieve the hostages. On the way, he picks up Brendan, an immature boy of 12 years, and together they venture into the Unowns' labyrinth. What do the Unowns have in store for them?

Review plz!


“Now, I’m wondering how to start this ‘conversation’ off,” P said casually.

“Howbout with some freestyle rap?” shouted E.

The Unowns shrieked in laughter.

“It wasn’t that funny,” muttered P. It took a deep breath, then rapped:

First thing of all, let’s get to the point.
You probably wondering why you up at da joint
But Master P’s telling you, stop wonderin and listen.
Cuz the story’s right here, better pay good attention
Like da first grade school kids, you know what I’m sayin?
They keep their eyes locked, heads up, mouth closed, so SHUT UP!

The Unowns and the two guys looked up in awe. Then all the Unowns let off a red

shimmer of light, and transformed into human form, all in a second. They looked perfectly

ordinary. Wallace recognized Yvonne from the crowd, and Brendan saw Allen mouthing to

him, “You’re such a n00b.”

“What’re you doing!?” gasped P.

Then all the humans (those standing, anyway) broke into applause and cheers. Cries

of “Encore!” and “Rap battle!” could be heard above the crazy cheers and shouts. Wallace

and Brendan stood up and cheered together with the other humans.


“Oh…” Then the Unowns turned swiftly back into Unowns.
And when it cleared, it was evident that he was in a different place. He was standing on a

white, pristine beach that stretched over the land like a blanket. Another reason why it

looked like a blanket was because of the waves billowing and crashing onto the rocks in

the far left. He was facing the sea, which looked startlingly real; it sparkled in the (no

longer crystal) sun like an aquamarine. The waves were lapping the shore gently, more

liquid than anything Wallace had seen in the whole Unown place. Everything looked so

clean, untouched, unpolluted, without the stain of human existence. Almost hard to believe

it actually existed in a crystal wasteland. Or did it?

The abrupt change of setting so mystified Wallace that the voice in his head took a break.

Am I hallucinating? he thought. That would be plausible as the cause… But nothing had

ever seemed so real… Either way, everything had a cause; and he knew he had to find

it. “Guess it’s time to explore the place,” he thought out loud. The rocks on the far left

echoed his voice across the sea. “At least better than head-banging.”

He looked behind him. There was no sign of any entrance or exit. Then he took a step.

The sand felt dense, but soft at the same time. The air was relatively warm, but as he

continued walking, he could feel a slight yet cold breeze in the direction of the sea. Really

strange weather, he thought. Maybe this IS still the Unown place. He kept walking until he

reached the end of land and the beginning of water. AKA the shore. He could easily see

his reflection as he peered into the clear, shallow water. Sitting down on the sand, Wallace

carefully ran a finger through the water, which felt surprisingly like liquid ice. He splashed

his face with a bit of water to test for hallucinations – but when he opened his eyes again

he was still on the beautiful, pristine beach. It confirmed that he wasn’t crazy. It was all


Butch and Cassidy: To Trash Hoenn
Status: In Progress (chapter 9 complete)
Rating: PG-13 (mild swearing and stuff)
Genre: Journey/Comedy
Summary: The protagonists are Butch and Cassidy, who have just been fired from Team Rocket. Together with Shupster, Cassidy's talking Shuppet, they strive to become the masters of the Double League, a new Pokemon league for pairs of trainers. They follow the Hoenn plot in the quest to get all eight badges and of course, mess up events in the Hoenn plot along the way (such as stealing May's backpack for her PokeDex). However, there is no success without great obstables, and a shady antagonist behind the scene is quietly plotting to take control of the Regions (including Team Rocket).


May peeped into a hole punched just above the open button in Mudkip’s pokeball. “Omigosh! Mudkip is sooooo cute!” she yelped. “I’m taking that one!”

“OK,” said Professor Birch. “Be sure to take good care of Mudkip and treat it with love! To be a pokemon master, you must master love first!”

“Blehhhhhmmmmph,” I said, the last part being caused by Cassidy slamming her hand to my closed mouth.

Birch glanced at us again, then turned back. “Brendan, who do you pick?”

“Ohhhh, Torchic looks strong!” exclaimed Brendan, looking through its pokeballt. “It’s gotta be tough when it grows up!”

“You’re right,” said Birch. “So you’re taking that one?”

“Sure as a pancake,” said Brendan happily, taking Torchic’s pokeball.

I tsked. “Kids sure have a weird way with different expressions.”

“SHUT UP, SHUPSTER!” Butch and Cassidy yelled together. Then they looked at each other and squinted. “Jynx, you owe me an ice pop,” said Butch.
Treecko trembled with energy, then let out such a menacing glare to the fallen Ralts that I could almost see the beams of light emitted from its huge yellow eyes.

“Ok, its defense is cut,” said Shupster. “Hit it with one more Pound and you got it.”

“Get it!?” blurted Wally. “I wanna catch it!”

“Kid,” said Shupster exasperatedly. “Listen to the experienced men. I mean ghosts. Either way, you might learn something important,” it said like it was a teacher talking to a straight-F student.

“Treecko, Pound!” I commanded. And the final blow was struck as Treecko pounded the weakened Ralts in the forehead with its right foot, and Ralts slumped over, dead. Wally stared at me in horror.

“Whoops,” I said. “I guess I killed it.”

“WHAT!?” shrieked Wally. “It was such a rare pokemon!” He looked close to tears. “And you… and you… you KILLED IT!” He couldn’t hold it and burst into loud, mournful sobs. “I’ll never ask favors from grown-ups again!” And he ran away, red-faced, in tears.

“Well,” I said, “that’s one youngster fan I lost.”

“Who cares?” said Shupster. “Oh, and anyway, Pokemon don’t die. They just faint, and come back to life again when you revive them using the Revive item or take them to a Pokemon Center.”

“Wow, Shupster,” I marveled. “You are one pokemon whiz.”

“Word,” agreed Cassidy.
Reviews please!
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