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Default Re: ~Pokemyths...~

Susano came to the meeting of pokegods.

Susano: "Hello, so what's happening here?"

Right away he noticed a mean look from Artemis.

Susano: "Erm...Did I missed anything? Oh, it must be about the weather. I'm so sorry that I did that, but I couldn't control my rage as usual, there must be something people had done down there to make me angry. Believe me, I'm not enjoying my rages either! Especially when I feel something's bad is about to happen. I'm not sure what, but we must get ready for the worst, my rages seldom comming with something really bad! Artemis, I'm really sorry, I didn't meant to make you wet, you know that I can't help it when my rages are comming into me! So, what's we are going to do?"
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