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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

okay, here's chapter 1. It's much more exciting then the first so I hope you'll have the time to read it.

Chapter 1: Jirachi's wish

The sun hangs low in the sky, like a shining orb full of despair. But… it wasn’t always like this. I can still remember when the land was rich and full of prosperity. When pokemon stood side-by-side, like comrades in arms. We were so peaceful, I guess… we never thought we would fall.

But we could fall. Now, the land is dimming. And with it, the hopes of all those around me. I fear I am too late, but I must try…I will try! For that is the first step towards success.
Suddenly, Jirachi lost his train of thought. A small sound had erupted from his mind.

But it was a voice, a voice he remembered. The voice of a wise pokemon. One who’s thoughts reached beyond understanding. A calm, but stern voice.
“Xatu…,” Jirachi answered, straining his mind to the pokemon. “Xatu, I cannot do this. We have failed. I, have failed.”

Jirachi’s voice faltered and he found he could say no more. But Xatu was renowned for his courage and wisdom. He, at least would not give up on him.
“With every failure, comes a new chance to succeed.” Replied Xatu simply. His voice was strong, as if a burning fire raged from within.

Did Jirachi dare to believe? His eyes shimmered, like faith renew.
“You’re right, Xatu! Though we’ve had many failures before, we can do it this time. I can feel it!” Jirachi’s voice strengthened with every word he spoke, as if just saying something could give him hope.

Xatu let out a short laugh. “That’s it my friend! If we stand together, anything is possible.” But Xatu’s following words were that of concern. And perhaps…fear. “Jirachi, I need your help. You know this?” Jirachi nodded solemnly.

“With the last of my strength, I will help you. What is needed to be done?” Xatu seemed to be thinking. There was a long pause before he replied.

“I…need you to go away for a bit.” That was it. Jirachi lost his spark.

“Where to?” He replied gravely. In his mind, Jirachi had an image of Xatu lifting up his head. But it looked different somehow. Like that of a ghost, fading away.

“Watch and listen. Only then will you know what to do.” An image like a video flashed through Jirachi’s mind. The place where he was to go. He was racing over sand dunes in a desert, only to be replaced seconds later by a huge city, roaring with life.

The video slowed as an image of a school came into view. Jirachi watched silently, intimidated by a world he didn’t know. The video swung round from the school towards a park. It was then he realised he was following a girl, A human girl. She had long, brown hair, blue eyes and a quirky smile.

She wore a blue skirt and a light pink t-shirt, embossed with a logo of some kind. The girl halted in front of a tall oak tree. It was then that she climbed it, hair tangling in the branches. She did not notice a large crow alight on a nearby branch. She turned and saw the bird, but merely started reading to it.

The crow became enraged by what she said and tried to make the girl fall, constantly diving at her. Jirachi noticed her eyes. The look of determination was gone, replaced by that of fear. Then the girl slipped and hurtled towards the ground, screaming. Jirachi could do nothing but watch, stricken.

The images slowly subsided and when he came to, Jirachi found he was sweating uncontrollably. Jirachi panted, gathering his voice from within. “Is…is this where I must go?” He asked weakly.

“With my help, you will be transported safely to the land above,” Xatu answered gently. “Now, it is time.” Jirachi felt himself begin to tingle, as an orb of white light surrounded him. The pokemon gave a short gasp, then was gone.

The darkness swallowing Jirachi was dimming. “Where am I?” He said, wincing slightly. Tall buildings surrounded him on either side. Humans lined the streets, some even in metal monsters. Jirachi’s memory was then jolted, coming back almost instantly. The transportation had drained most of his energy.

But he had a bigger concern. “Can these humans see me!?” He wondered out loud. Looking around, he saw they could not. Kneeling weakly, he looked down at himself. The sun danced off his body, although it wasn’t much of a body anymore. He was transparent and shimmering.

A mere spirit in this world. But he had no time to contemplate his concerns, for at that moment he saw the girl. Without exactly knowing why, he followed her, floating silently In the cool breeze. It was as if everything had rewound itself. He was watching the whole thing all over again.

Only this time, he was in it. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the crow. Jirachi’s brow furrowed. Time may be repeating itself, but the fall will not. Jirachi quickly meditated to regain his strength and whizzed off in pursuit of the crow. However, he found out the hard way that the crow could see him.

It dive-bombed Jirachi, trying to shake him off, but how could he let this beast hurt the girl? The crow slammed into him from the side, knocking his breath away. Jirachi’s eyes fluttered. For a fleeting moment, he considered just leaving the girl behind in order to save himself.

Xatu’s words rang through his mind: “With every failure, comes a new chance to succeed.” No! He could not run this time. He’d already done that too many times in the past. No, now was the time to stand and fight. A white hot fever pulsed through his body, giving him the feeling on invincibility.

Jirachi used his agility to speed up and gain advantage of the battle. The crow reeled, as Jirachi slammed a blasting ball of energy against it. He was expecting the creature to fall, but was stunned when it did not. If anything, he just enraged it even more, causing a new flash of energy to flow through the crow.

Jirachi paused in mid-air. A strange and peculiar thought surged through his mind. Somewhere, he was sure he had battled this creature before. It used movements familiar to him. But even though he strained his mind till it hurt, he could not remember. Jirachi whizzed around the crow, every moment gaining more speed.

The two kept colliding with each other, each time using more force than the last. Jirachi backed off, panting. No matter how strong he was, he could not keep this up forever. A new tactic was needed. A diversion. He flew up high into the air looking down upon the crow.

Jirachi could see it was tiring too, the wing-beats much slower than before. Jirachi sighed and mustering all his courage, stuck his fingers in his mouth and poked out his tongue, taunting the crow. The crow shrieked and hurtled towards him. Well, at least it had worked.

Jirachi eased in and out of the trees, begging the crow to follow him, but he needed a rest and soon. Hands glowing, Jirachi whirled around to face the crow, pointing them at him. The crow chortled, laughing at him.

Fine, we’ll see how you laugh now! As Jirachi’s hands came forward, a dozen stars flew out from his body, engulfing the crow brutally. Seizing the chance, Jirachi bounded off to find the girl. She sat alone in the tree, reading her lines. At least now she’d be safe.

He crept slowly towards the branches, hiding among them. He sat silently, watching her read and relief empowered him. Jirachi turned to go and froze almost immediately. Unbelievable! The crow was tattered, but still it stood above him, glaring at the girl. “Leave her alone!,” Jirachi called out to the crow.

“Your battle is with me!” The crow ignored him, advancing along the branch towards the girl. Jirachi cursed silently. “I said leave her!” He bellowed. The sound must have startled the crow, who’s wings flapped wildly, which caused the girl to stumble and fall. Jirachi flew off the branch and glared at the crow.

Jirachi met it’s eyes and knew then who it was. Deoxys grinned, then spoke for the first time since he had encountered it. “I told you that you always ruin everything.” He sneered and transformed back to his normal form, the crow disappearing. The whipping arms reached out and caught Jirachi around the throat.

He struggled, gasping for air. “Let me go, you brute!” Jirachi spat.

“I’d be careful if I were you,” Deoxys said, flicking an arm about. “Someone could get hurt.” Deoxys forced Jirachi’s head to turn round so he was looking at the girl. But she was no longer falling, time itself had stopped!

Jirachi felt faint. “Take me, but leave the girl.” He said weakly.

“Now, where’s the fun in that?,” Deoxys replied, hissing. “I prefer a hunt!” As the words rang across the park, he disappeared in a bright light, leaving Jirachi spluttering for breath. Time slowly lurched into action again.

No! I can’t let her go like this! Jirachi grew hot again, that same fever pulsing through him. He closed his eyes and began glowing. “Oh, world heed my wish. Deliver safely this girl, so that she may be reborn somewhere untouched by evil.” The light surrounding him entered the girl’s body, then suddenly she was gone.

Jirachi smiled meekly, then ran out of energy and began to plummet. But still he smiled, the deed was done. “Oh, world. Please hear my wish.”…

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