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Default Re: Friend Code Listings

Originally Posted by KingofRohan888 View Post
No one answeredmy question.

Sorry if i sound annoying but i would like to know.
Sry, i didnt see it.
First you must have a Wifi-Adapter -or- and active wireless internet connection in your house/apartment/houseboat/tent/hut/shack/RV etc.

1. Make sure that your WiFi settings are correct and that you have an access point.

2. Go to any pokemon center and go the the basement floor.
*Note* You Must have the Pal Pad which you can get in the Mining Town Poke-Center*

3. Talk to the lady farthest to the left.

4. Follow her instructions

5. If everything goes as planned it will disconnect you and send you back to the pokemon center.

6. Open the Pal Pad

7. Click "(your name here)'s Friend Code"

Viola'! You have it!
oh hi.
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