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Default Battery Replacement v1.2

Here is an excellent Step-by-Step tutorial for replacing your battery in your GSC cartridges:


The hardest part for me in replacing the battery was getting the cartridge open. After replacing the battery of each type of cartridge (Gold, Silver, and Crystal), I've noticed that Crystal's screw at the back is in tightened a lot more than Gold or Silver's (both of which come off very easily). This is an optional tool for opening up any cartridge if you have the spare money: 3.8mm Gamebit Nintendo Cartridge Opening Security Tool. It isn't necessary but it could save you a lot of time and frustration.


Not only is Crystal harder to open, the battery is more securely attached to the tabs than both Gold or Silver. Removing the tabs from the battery is very difficult especially when you want to keep the tab in decent shape. I'll show you a picture highlighting where the tabs are fused to the battery:
Crystal has 4 fusion points if I remember correctly so it is more time consuming. I tried using the method provided in the guide but it would have just ripped the tab apart. What I did was I got an X-Acto Knife and filed the points just a little bit and torqued it off with the knife.


If you are younger and/or have never used a soldering iron then I would HIGHLY suggest you get a parent or experienced brother or sister to do this for you. I have been burned by a soldering iron and I can tell you that is not very fun at all . Using the charge from a disposable camera will also give you a good jolt if your not careful.

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