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Loki's energies were being drawn slowly, his visible forehead throbbed in pain. The dark energy broke Loki's balance between good and evil. He gasped for the thick and foggy air that now secluded him in his own grave. He pried loose from the wall of darkness. He had been attracted to it like a fish to bait. His coat was now nowhere to be seen. The darkness didn't only bring the sensation of choking, but with it, came an incredible heat that had only started a few hours ago. Loki looked around, panting. He took his collar from his neck, and tore it. A thousand stones fell to the ground, and arranged themselves so that it created a star shape. He stepped on it, and a wall of light enveloped him, he stepped out again, completely replenished. He had nowhere to go, or to look. He remembered the second in which he saw the canopy, and failed to immagine the world being destroyed by the giant mass of darkness. He approached the edge of the wall, and performed a series of chants in which he was able to open a small window. Through the darkness, he saw the canopy even closer, the shadow of the giant meteor looked like an early come night. He reached out and felt the hot air in his hand. A tiny stone flew out of the window, heading to the canopy and disappeared a few feet away. He closed the window, and sat down, blue light circled him in the form of a circle spell, which expanded to create an orb around him. He waved his arms and shot them sideways, breaking the orb. The shattered spells ejected themselves to the wall, and punctured into the scales, that writhed and groaned in a shrill voice. the shatters dug into the scales until they disappeared, and exploded fromthe inside. The wall cracked and opened to show sunlight, and shadows emmerging from the edges. Evil spirits that tried to reach one another to close the gaps, they failed and evaporated into the light. Loki walked towards a window and returned for his coat, which turned out clinged into a wall. Loki shot a dagger with a pearl in its edge into the wall nearest to him, and jumped out, where he slowed down from the fall and smiled at teh sight of the expanding gap punctured by the dagger...
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