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"Loki!?" Artemis said. "Loki was the one who told me about the vortex..."

"When?!" the others demanded.

"Two-quarters hour ago..."

"It's working quickly," Thoth said, who none of us noticed before.

"One more time?" I said.

"The vortex, and the rock coming out of it is a giant battle zone..."

"How did you know that" Freyja said through her sobs.

"Uh—" but he was interrupted by a fluttering of feathers at the door.

It was Hermes, who looked quite beaten up.

" 'We are to have a high the canopy...hall at sundown. We are discussing the fu...nerals of the three fates to increase morale.

From: Horus, time: three-and...-three-and-th..thirds-hours a...fter noon' " he said as quickly as posible, gasping for air every so often.

"Hermes!" I yelled.

"Sire!" Hermes replied "I couldn't find them!"

I ran to the injured Pidgey and picked him up, "Who! who couldn't you find?"

"Honosusori...and Thor—Freyja wailed even louder at this—...and Loki...and Izanagi...and...and Iz..I—" Hermes blacked out.

"This is horible! We must be the only pokegods in Yggdrasil!" Isis cried.

Thunder cracked. Lightning flashed.

"This is grave..." Thoth concluded, "Even thunder and lightning aren't in order."
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