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Default Re: Legend Defender

Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
Lol at LS, your gonna use Alakazam and Gengar so I can't beat you >: P.

If Fing or Marth gets the title only Chris, DU, and Mikey could get it off of them, I wouldn't mind that 1k though = D.
Not true, I never won a single match against any of them on even terms, let stand their own. I only beat Mike once with a crap load of haxing and unfair rules. Bottom line: I suck at playing fair. ^^

Originally Posted by Younglink View Post
I suggest Jack himself starts off with the title XD and i agree Marth we all know DU ¬¬
What would I do? Throw a 6vs6 Sunny No sleep clause and use Groudon? That would work. XD Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Thank goodness, I kept Kyogre off the street XD. Meg better win the story comp ^^.


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