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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by pixlepix View Post
what advice are you talking about and this is going to end up in a flame war
Phew, clear proof he hasn't...

Look at our past posts in your fics and your preview threads. The ones that tell you what's wrong with your story. THAT advice. Read the guide, fix your grammar, your spelling, your layout, the size, detail, and plot. We've told this to you dozens of times, but you keep ignoring it. Sorry, but if you continue making very poor quality fan fictions, I'll just keep locking them until you do heed the advice.

Also, may I ask you what goals you're trying to achieve with your story? Is it to improve your writing, or allow others to enjoy it? I'm interested to know, since if you really want to achieve that goal, you're going to need to improve your writing here and now.

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