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Default Re: My Skarmony Moveset

Originally Posted by Meaty View Post
Skarmory, Skarmory, Skarmory? "Did somebody say, Skarmory?" Cool, okay here it is.

Skarmory/Leftovers or Salac Berry
Impish Nature (+Def, -Satk)
Drill Peck
Why would you ever use a Salac Berry on a defensive Skarmory? Why would you actually even use Salac Berry on any Skarmory.

Also, if this is for Advance, your moveset is illegal, because of Drill Peck + Whirlwind. You have to go Roar + Drill Peck or HP Flying + Whirlwind. If this is for D/P, then your set is fine, except that Skarmory would still need Rest or Roost.
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