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Default Legend Defender

BMG Thread

-Credits to Embreon

One person holds the title: Legend Defender (LD). It is your job to beat him in a battle, and take that title away from him. Then you will be the new Legend Defender.


1. The LD chooses any Legendary Pokemon (one not already taken). This legend can't be used in any LD title battles. If the LD loses, the challenger becomes the new LD, and chooses a Legendary Pokemon.
2. Challengers that lose, must wait until the next week to rechallenge. If the LD loses, they can't rechallenge until the next week.
3. Earnings are the same as a Gym Battle. $2000 win, $1000 loss. Like a Gym, the current LD shouldn't deny challenges unless they provide a good reason.
4. Every match, regardless of win or loss, must be posted in this thread (eg. Stinky beat Ataro + log).
5. In order to obtain a Legendary Pokemon as a reward, the current LD must have had obtained at least 15 successful defends and must hold his/her position for at least 2 months. A new LD will be selected after this.
6. (More information) The "reward title defender" can challenge for LD anytime, but if he/she wins and meets the requirement for a "reward title defender", he/she won't get another reward legend, he/she will just retain the previous. In the event that the "reward title defender" loses, the current LD continues defending and the "reward title defender" won't lose his/her reward legend. If however, that happens to be the current LD's 15th defend and he/she already held his/her position for at least 2 months, or simply the current LD has already met the requirement specified on 5), he/she becomes the new "reward title defender" and the previous loses his/her spot/legend. A new LD will than be selected again.

-Battle Rules-
  • 3 vs 3 and up
  • DPP/BW Revolution (Defender's choice)
  • Holds On/Off
  • Sleep/Freeze Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Gameboy Clause On/Off
  • Normal Terrain/Weather
  • No Legendary Pokemon

Challenger may change only one of the following:
  • Status of Helds
  • Weather
  • Number of Pokemon (Minimum 3 v 3)
  • Status of Gameboy Clause

Current LD: SiberianTiger
Current Legend: Shaymin-S

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