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Default Re: Special Fire Type

For Moltres, you might want to use:

- Morning Sun/Agility/Roar
- Hidden Power [Grass]/Toxic
- Sunny Day
- Flamethrower

Morning sun+Sunny day=tons of HP gain, but you need to get the Moltres from XD for that. If you cant get HP GRass, go with Toxic, and Roar, but if you can get HP Grass, and not Morning sun give it Agility.

Or, for Doom:

- Crunch
- Flamethrower
- Pursuit
- Hidden Power [Grass]/Substitute/Will-o-wisp

Crunch and FT gain STAB, and Pursuit can hit mons on the switch. If you cant get HP Grass, and dont want to Breed for Wow, Sub is a nice option.

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