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Default Re: Poke Riddle Station!

Originally Posted by Cody
Boy... Nobody got the first one right.

Pheinox004: 7
BoltAge: 3
Blastoise: 3
Thunderbird: 8
CuteMew: 2
AbXtreme: 1

#1 was Bagon.
#2 was Nidoking.(only one, his pre-evos aren't ground type)
#3 was Magmar.
#4 was Eevee.
#5 was Corphish.

NEW Riddles:

#1: Deep in Shoal Cave I make my lair, and as an Ice type I have no hair!

#2: My horns will not be turned straight down, during battle I whip my three tails around!

#3: Weilding spoons I bravely fight, and I usually win with my psychic might!

#4: A tangled mess I may appear, my little red boots are spueaky to the ear!

#5: I go around the world to improve my strength, but must I do battle I don't need much length!

(I know #3 is lame, sorry.)

Harder ones okay.