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Default Re: Pokemon: rock, ice, steel

Originally Posted by umbreonandespeon View Post
sorry bulbachu,i was on holiday,but the male trainer is nearly done,

i've done the shoes,trousers and hat.


i've got three fakemons,i'll upload them soon.

EDIT: they are steel and dragon type,the first one is metectile,the second is shellmet and the biggest is metalon and they are steel and dragon type.


i requested through pm,he said he would make them for me and i gave him the details,i have told him i am using these for the project.
they're awesome! accepted.

Originally Posted by Blaziken Knight View Post
well now that you say there not going to be main chracters, ill make a new batch! xD =] yay

EDIT: <-- DONE! (there trainer is sun and moon colors)
i like them, but they look too much like the trainers from ruby/sapphire. try mixing and matching body parts.

Originally Posted by pixlepix View Post
so how do you like this and the blue guy could be the champion
it's good, i'll change the first post in a minute, and maybe there could be someway to find the other regis in the game. otherwise, regigigas would be pointless.

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