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Default Re: GameShark/Action Replay Codes

I wouldn't use Rare Candy that much. Say for my Pidgey, I don't let it evolve until it gets to level 46, then give it the Rare Candy so it learns Mirror Move. Why? Well against Lance's Dragon Pokemon, if one fires Dragonbreath, my Pidgeot can Mirror MOve the move right back at them.

For me on Action Replay, I need PP Max, extra TMs, A few berries (and I'm glad you can buy them at the store, they don't cost that much), and if I play Red, I code a few Pokemon like Bellsprout that is not available without having to trade (unless I feel like it.)

I ran into a problem on Fire Red that nobody has the answer to. I used the code to catch Mew, and to put Mew in box 1, slot 1. Well after I got Mew, an egg was in box 1, slot 1, Mew was on box 1, slot 30. IN taking Mew out, Mew disobeyed. I also tried to get info on the mystery egg, which I heard that if you touched it in anyway, the game crashes in some way. When I go to the PC on red, it has totally crashed, as in I can't take out or get Pokemon. I already won on Fire Red, but did I end up crashing the game? Is it best to get Mew on Pokemon RS and then trade it over to FR/LG?
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