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Default Friend Code Listings

The reason I have brought this thread into these forums is this: This shall be the location to where we post our friend codes so we can find each other. If there is already a thread that does this, then lock this thread if you must. So, how you would do this is this:

Name: (Insert D/P name here)
Friend Code: (Insert friend code here)

So, if you want to challenge someone, or need to look up someone for tournament reasons, or whatever, the information will be here. However, don't believe that you are being forced to post your friend code here, as it is optional. However, if you wish for other people from here to battle you, then I'd recommend it.

Simple enough? Good.

Lastly, don't be chit-chatting here. If you do, I will report you to a mod for it to be taken care of. This is for friend code listing only!

BTW, mine is:

Name: Hikari
Friend Code: 2492 0602 5919


Please do not chat here. This thread is for Friend Codes only. Any other posts will be deleted.
If you want to tell someone you're adding them then PM them.
If you have any questions, ask in the DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread.

How to find your Friend Code

-Go into the Oreburgh City Pokemon Center
-Head downstairs to the Wi-Fi Club
-You will be stopped and given your Pal Pad
-Talk to the ladies on the left to login to WiFi
-After you've logged on your Friend Code will show up on your Pal Pad

Also, I recommend insterting your friend code and name in your signature as well. That way, it may be able to create less hassle for the opponent.
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