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Originally Posted by bronislav84
Before I start, I need to say something that Ninja (Let it be known that I never really call him that. I call him Bomsh and he calls me that too.) clued me in on that I wasn't aware of. Odin has a Spear as a Weapon and also has one Eye (Not sure which one it is). When he was gonna get his wisdom, he had to scrifice his Eye to get it. About the Weapon. Now that Bomsh mentions it, I rememebr that in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a weapon for a Dragoon (spear user) was the Odin Lance. I'm not sure how strong it was supposed to be in Mythology but I'm sure he should have it here. Let me know what you think, Cello.
Sure, that's fine. just edit your profile, then I'll edit the first post.

"Don't worry, Horus," Isis said to comfort me, "We won't die willing. We will fight the Ragnarokk, no matter what."

We were in the conopy hall, waiting for the other pokegods to arrive. The hall wasn't a hall, it was just a giant room with table and seats for every pokegod. Zeus and Isis both sat at the end of the table, with the female pokegods on one side and the male on the other.

Suddenly, the hall doors opened suddenly, It was raining strongly out side, and the wet form of Artimis came into focus, shaking off the excess water/

"I will kill Susano!" she exclaimed.

"He did that!" I said, shocked.

"Yes, along with a tornado and a tsunami! I swear, if Ragnarokk doesn't kill us all, he will! But there's something more grave: a strange vortex has appeared in the sky. And there is a giant rock coming out of it."

"WHAT?!??!?" Isis and I screamed in disbelief
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