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Default Re: Fire Red/Leaf Green to be Released Soon?

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Is it true? We can finally play Green version in English
lol, I don't lie in the news. Like I said, the prizes for the TCG World Championships includes "Pokemon Red for Game Boy Advance and Pokemon Green for Game Boy Advance." What else can they be referring to besides Fire Red and Leaf Green?

Originally Posted by FlamingTorchic
Well, that is certainly cool! I had a hunch that they might be let out around the summer time, when people said it was going to let out around September. I really do hope that it is in the summer time because then I'll have more time to play the game.
September is just a "good guess." I don't take good guesses and consider them official (many people just assume it will come out in September as if it's official). It's anyone's guess now, there is no official date. What is official is that those two games are on the prizes for the TCG World Championships, so that gives us a better idea when it's going to be released.
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