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Default Re: ~Pokemyths...~

As most of the times Susano wasn't in a good mood that day and he was constantly thinking about that.

~I have no idea why there's always something that makes me mad and it's the same thing today! Is it because the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi was lost in the waters by those mortals, or is it something else? Whatever it is, it's making me mad and even though I don't want to get mad, I can't control it no more! I must create some kind of storm to punish someone!!!~

With this in mind, Susano took out his sword and flew over to the ocean surounding Japanese archipelago and started to wield it really fast creating poverful gusts that developed into a giant tornado and headed straight toward the cost, then he struck the water of ocean with such force that it made a huge tsunami (a tidal wave) that also headed towards the coast. Then, he rested breathing havily and tough.

~Ok, that's enought of rage for today. I hope I hadn't caused much of destruction for those mortals. Now, I better rest and meditate in peace.~

As he though that, he flew off to the place when he mostly rested after his rage.
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