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Default Diamong/Pearl Team. It's beautiful. D:<

I've been thinking alot about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and how close it's release date is, so I decided to go ahead and plan out a team just for Diamond and Pearl. Diamond, in the Title. It says Diamond.


Drifblim; Jolly/Hasty
Max Spd, Max Sp. Def
-Calm Mind
-Baton Pass
-Ominous Wind

Devastating if it works. I hypnosis, then stat up, then BP to Sceptile. OW if I wanna~

Sceptile; Modest
Max Sp. Atk, Max Spd
@Choice Specs/White Herb
-Leaf Storm/Energy Ball
-Hidden Power [ice]
-Focus Blast
-Dragon Pulse

I'm weary about Leaf Storm and Dragon Pulse, because they lower the Sp. Atk, so I might at least change Leaf Storm to Energy Ball. Or I can chance it and have a White Herb. Sceptile is my baby.

Toxicroak; Adamant
Max Atk, Max Spd
@Choice Band
-Poison Jab
-Brick Break
-Stone Edge

Superduper fightingfrog yay~ Attacking machine. Well, I have to have this boy on my team, I just love him. He can lay down a punch, too.

Bastiodon; Impish
Max Sp. Def, Max Def
-Stealth Rock
-Metal Burst

Idk, I think this will work. My tank. :E It's a cool pokemon, too~ Triceratops?! Stealth Rock, Roar, Attack.

Mamoswine; Adament
Max Atk, Max Spd (If Avalance, Max HP)
@Choice Band
-Stone Edge
-Ice Fang/Avalance

IT'S A ******* MAMMOTH. XD It's so adorable. I can see this bad boy plowing down my opponent. Basic Choice Bander? iguessssssso.

Vaporeon; Modest/Calm
Max Sp. Atk, Half HP/Sp. Def
-Aqua Ring

Oh lol, she is such a minitank. j~j I'm so proud. It's my Hazer, and can take a hit so nananana. Sub or Attract, Aqua Ring, blast away some surfs.

Hatch@476 - Ev@581 - Lv@761

I love you, Chloe~ <3 [VPP Stats]

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