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Default Re: Battle Poll 1- Blaziken VS Charizard

Originally Posted by Jet
It's not that in my opinion... obviously, you would look at the evolution first... come on, Magikarp? =P ^_^ second, Charizard does have the advantage because Charizard is faster and can Fly (which wasn't in my previous post, and I did place Fly on Charizard once), and Blaziken is really offensive. A good way the Blaziken CAN beat Charizard is if Blaziken HAD Thunderpunch... which, obviously, can't happen legally... can it? =P

Quake = 2x Super Effective on Blaziken.

Rock Slide = 4x Super Effective on Charizard.

who the yams care Charizard is faster when it wont OHKO blaziken? blaziken could rock slide it and leave charizard to die on the next turn by using quick attack. don't say "omg which idiot would put quick attack on blaz", because if you have a sense of strategy, you'd know quick attack, is in fact, one of the most useful moves in history. and no, i'm not going to continue blabbering something nobody would bother about.

Also, i've took effort to calculate damage.

Charizard's Earthquake on Blaziken:

Maximum Damage(Not Critical): 191

Average Damage(Not Critical): 342

Maximum Damage(Critical): 370

Blaziken has a maximum 364 HP. Meaning it would be like 6 out of a few hundred chance that EQ would OHKO blaziken.

now, thank me for calculating all these >:O
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