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Default Re: Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl!

Originally Posted by SapphireTiger
Man I hope I can get DS. My parents are all "you have enough of that stuff you should be happy with what you've got". I hate it when they say that. I recently got SP and they bugged me about that too. Oh well. Maybe I can sell my SP to get DS or soemthing and I can say I need DS cause I sold my SP.

And Diamond and Pearl Sound interesting. There is obviously going to be a new region. And a whole new set of pokemon. It's gonna be coo!
Well, we don't have official confirmation that there will be a new set of Pokemon, but since we have seen Gonbe, it definitely hints towards that.

Nintendo DS is fairly priced. It's going to be $150, but before they set the price tag, most experts thought it would be in the $200 range. So, start saving up, lol. By the way, since Nintendo DS is compatible with GBA games, selling that SP wouldn't be a bad idea if you have to.